This post is an advertised collaboration with Boots but all thoughts are my own.

Summer is finally here, and after several weeks of diabolical weather I couldn't be happier. It's set to be a scorcher this coming weekend and it's made me so excited to embrace all things summer - I'm thinking BBQs, sunbathing in the garden and a trip to a beer garden might be in order!

One of the things I love most about this time of year is switching up my makeup - there's nothing better than embracing golden skin, taking things up a notch with shimmering highlight and basically becoming a golden goddess. I feel at my best at this time of year - I wear my favourite summery perfume, change up my makeup and just generally feel a lot more 'me' (I'm a summer baby after all).

So, I've teamed up with Boots to share with you the go-to beauty products I'm using this summer, to give you some inspiration if you're looking for ways to switch up your makeup bag over the next few months.

Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops

If there is one thing I can't be without when summer finally rolls around, it's got to be a tan. I'm all about faking it as opposed to baking it, so slapping on a bit of the faux stuff becomes a huge part of my beauty regime at this time of year. However, one thing I've always struggled with is getting my face sufficiently tanned. Now, thanks to the incredible Isle of Paradise it couldn't be easier. I'd wanted to try these tanning drops for so long and they didn't disappoint - simply pop a few drops in your moisturiser and you're good to go. I love how I get all the benefits of my favourite moisturiser while getting a tan at the same time - no need to opt for gradual tanning moisturisers if you've got this little baby in your life. It is cruelty-free, vegan and comes in three shades (I use medium), so you most really can't go wrong. I absolutely love it.

Ole Henrikson Banana Bright Face Primer*

Ole Henrikson is a brand I've admired for their skincare for a while now, so I was really excited to try their Banana Bright Face Primer. I think a primer is an absolute must during the summer, to keep your foundation looking fresh even in the scorching heat. The great thing about this primer is that it's brightening - so not only helps smooth out your skin to create a flawless look, but it brightens your skin to give a healthy-looking glow. I'm amazed at how much a difference it makes - I don't think I've ever seen my skin so glowy, so this is definitely an essential in my makeup bag this summer. It smells really good too!

Too Faced Natural Eye Shadow Palette*

I love natural, golden shadows at this time of year, and this palette from Too Faced is absolutely stunning. I used the shades Honey Pot (which really brings out the blue in my eyes) and Chocolate Martini to create this look, and I think it's my new favourite. You just can't go wrong with golds, browns and natural-tones to complement your golden glow during the summer. Too Faced's eye shadows are so buttery soft thanks to their coconut-infused formula, as well as being super pigmented and easy to blend. I also think it would be perfect for an evening holiday look with a little bit of glitter over the top - check out Boots' glitter makeup for a bit of inspiration.

Bourjois Paris Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder*

Bronzer is top of the list when it comes to summer beauty, and Bourjois' bronzers have always been a favourite of mine. The Delice de Poudre is a gorgeous matte bronze which has really fine golden sparkles in it, to further add to your glow. It blends beautifully and is shaped like a chocolate bar - what more could you want? I wear the light/medium shade, but a darker shade is available too.

Sleek Solstice Highlighter Palette*

Highlighter is definitely up there with bronzer as a summer essential, and Sleek's Solstice Highlighter Palette has been my favourite budget highlighter for years now. It is the perfect mix of  gorgeous glowy powder and cream highlighters and I absolutely love the golden powder shade for giving my skin an incredible shimmer. It's what I'm wearing for this look and I think it completes it perfectly - I add some to my cheekbones, a little bit in the inner corner of my eyes and on my brow bone. It's crazy how much of a difference it makes!

Sanctuary Spa Body Spray*

Summer wouldn't be summer without a signature summer fragrance, which will whisk you back to previous summer holidays for years to come. My fragrance of choice this year is Sanctuary Spa's Fragranced Body Spray. I loooove everything Sanctuary Spa do and this is no exception. It is a gorgeous mix of citrus, jasmine and bergamot with sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli and smells just like you've stepped into a spa. It's such a stunning summer scent and it definitely rivals some of my more expensive perfumes! 

I'm so excited for a great summer and can't wait to wear these products every day over the next few months. Will you be switching up your makeup and fragrance for summer? I'd love to know which products are your favourites at this time of year! 

If you're looking for a cute place to visit in the UK over the summer, I totally recommend paying Whitby a visit. I remember going loads as a kid but I hadn't been for years and as it's somewhere me and my boyfriend wanted to visit together, we decided to go for our anniversary last weekend.

Now, the weather didn't look promising but thankfully when we got there we had minimal rain and on the Sunday the weather was glorious - lots of sunshine and so warm! I'd probably recommend packing for all seasons if you are going there - we all know how reliable British weather can be!

I thought I'd do a little run-down of what we got up to, the best places to eat, shops to visit etc. so if you're planning a trip to Whitby this summer you'll have all bases covered.

Where to stay

So, while we decided to be at one with nature and (and, let's face it, save some dollar) by camping, there are loads of different options for where to stop in and around Whitby. Being a seaside town, there are dozens of cute B&Bs to stay in, but as we were just going for one night we thought pitching up the tent would be a good, cheap option. We stayed at the Hooks House Farm campsite in Robin Hood's Bay, just down the road from Whitby (about a 10-minute drive) and I'd definitely recommend it if you're thinking of camping. The facilities were great - nice washrooms, even a little kitchen area to boil the kettle/make some grub if you don't fancy doing it the caveman way, and a gorgeous view of the bay.

If camping is out of the question, a couple of places that caught my eye when searching were The Belfry Whitby and The Shepherd's Purse.

What to do

Whitby in the sunshine is a dream - and the things to do are pretty endless. We kicked things off by visiting Falling Foss Waterfall and Tea Garden - an absolutely adorable place that I recommend everyone goes and visits when in Whitby. It was raining when we were there but this didn't dull the place's magic - we grabbed a hot chocolate and a slice of cake and sat in the tea garden (which is thankfully under cover) which was absolutely lovely - the cakes there are to die for. The waterfall was beautiful and there was also a cave and other bits and pieces to see walking-distance from the tea garden. 

The shopping in Whitby is great - there are so many cute little quirky shops, from chocolate shops to jewellery shops selling Whitby jet and my personal fave - the lucky duck shop. I vividly remember visiting the shop as a child and picking my very own birthstone lucky duck - a cute little guy made out of glass (the shop is basically a glass shop, full of cute little glass ornaments). These little fellas are famous worldwide and I really think they work - I remember taking mine into my exams with me! I picked up a cute baby pink one while I was there because it would be rude not to, right?!

Whitby Abbey is absolutely stunning and a great place to go and visit - even if you don't actually go inside, but admire it from afar. Any Dracula fans will know it was the inspiration for the book and as I love Bram Stoker's novel this was such a treat for me. We walked up the 199 steps (a great place to admire the views of Whitby) wandered around the castle and also headed to Bram Stoker's seat across the way - supposedly where he sat when he became inspired to write the novel. I had to get a pic there just because... maybe it'll inspire me to write mine?

Obviously it wouldn't be a visit to Whitby without heading to the sea front, posing in front of the rainbow of beach huts and grabbing an ice cream. Take a walk along the harbour, head to the arcades and finish things off with some fish and chips. 

We also took a drive to Hayburn Wyke (between Whitby and Scarborough) and walked down to see the cove, which was so lovely and peaceful (but also very rocky!). We were accompanied by the cutest dog Holly (from the pub nearby) who showed us the way there and stayed with us the whole time. She was definitely another trip highlight - despite being extremely demanding when it came to throwing sticks! 

Scarborough is just a stone's throw from Whitby so we thought it was worth paying it a visit on the way home. Again, it's a great place to grab an ice cream and have a go at the arcades but I thought the best thing about it was Peasholme Park - a gorgeous Japanese-inspired park with a boating lake and the most friendly squirrels you'll ever come across. We went armed with nuts and got some amazing pics of the little guys - one even sat on my knee at one point! Feeding the squirrels was definitely one of the highlights of my trip! 

Where to eat

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone when I say one of the things that really excites me about taking a trip somewhere is trying out all the different restaurants and cafes I've never been to before. Whitby and Scarborough are chock full of amazing places to eat. For the best fish and chips in Whitby head to The Magpie Cafe - so many people recommended this to me and I wasn't disappointed. There was a bit of a queue to get inside but the food was great - I opted for a veggie pasta bake but Tom informed me the fish and chips were amazing.

Another great place to eat I'd recommend is the Hayburn Wyke Inn - we visited here for a well-earned meal after walking down to the cove and back and it was such a lovely pub. Covered in fairy lights with a warming fire and all the different flavoured gins you could ask for - I was in my element! They also had loads of veggie options (I had veggie lasagne and it was DIVINE) and just had a really lovely atmosphere.

For breakfast in Whitby I'd recommend Cranberry Swamp - this super quirky cafe will give you all the retro vibes and the pancakes I had there were absolutely amazing - I'm also pretty sure everything there is gluten-free.

If you do decided to tie in a trip to Scarborough with Whitby, then The Harbour Bar is a super cute fifties-style ice cream parlour that does some incredible sundaes. It's on the sea front and gets very busy, but you can also grab ice creams to take away from a little window they have on the side of the cafe. They even do bubblegum flavour!

Overall I'd really recommend taking a trip to Whitby this summer if you fancy a relaxing break by the sea. I'd say there's quite a lot of walking involved so pack some comfy shoes, remember to pack for all weathers and also BRING CASH! We got caught out so many times as everywhere in Whitby and Scarborough seem to be cash-only!

Will you be visiting Whitby or Scarborough this summer?
superdrug natural radiance reviewsuperdrug natural radiance review
When it comes to skincare, it's easy to be a bit of skincare snob and veer away from any drugstore brands. People say you should invest in your skin, and for a lot of people this means spending ££££ on high-end serums, creams and scrubs. However, I totally believe that there are affordable brands out there that can get you just as good results. So, when I stumbled across Superdrug's own-brand 'Naturally Radiant' range on offer, I had to give it a try. 

If you've been following me for a while, you'll know I'm a sucker for anything with glycolic acid in, so when I spotted a few products in this range containing just that I headed straight to the till with them. Glycolic acid is amazing at exfoliating, brightening the skin and stimulating healing - making it great for reducing scarring. I've been using products containing it for years, and have always achieved great results. So, I was interested to see how the Naturally Radiant products would compare.  I picked up the Glycolic Overnight Peel, the Glycolic Toning Acid, Renewing Night Cream and Glycolic Acid Daily Cleaning Pads. There are definitely similar products to these out there - including the likes of Nip & Fab's glycolic range, Pixi's Glow Tonic and Alpha H's Liquid Gold, but I've never come across any this cheap before. So, how do they compare?

Well, I absolutely love all of the glycolic products I picked up. I thought I would - after all, it doesn't matter how pricey the product is, glycolic acid is glycolic acid. My stand-out product is probably the Toning Acid, because it's basically exactly the same as the Pixi Glow Tonic (both contain 5% glycolic acid) except that it's clear in colour and is significantly cheaper (Pixi's 250ml version is £18, whereas Superdrug's 100ml version is £5.99 - when it's not on offer, and it's on offer a lot!). The Daily Cleaning Pads basically give the same results except that they're in handy takeaway pads, ideal if you're travelling. 

The Glycolic Overnight Peel is unlike any product I've come across before and like the rest of the range, I can't fault it. Whack it on at night and wake up to gorgeous smooth, glowing skin. I use it about once a week as I use the toner daily and don't want to overdo it, but it definitely makes all the difference. The Renewing Night Cream might not contain any glycolic acid but it is definitely as good as the other products - it contains kiwi fruit and mulberry extracts and leaves your skin feeling super smooth and renewed. It also claims to even out your skin tone and refine your skin's texture - which I definitely think it does. 

I cannot recommend this range enough for anyone looking for smoother, brighter, clearer looking skin. If you suffer with acne scars or have lots of blackheads/bumpy/uneven skin, you need this in your life. Or, if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to all the pricey glycolic acid products out there - this is it. Plus, as it's Superdrug's own range it's all cruelty free, and it's currently better than half-price!  Have you tried any products from the Naturally Radiant range? I'd love to hear what you think to it!

I can't believe it's June already. How quickly is this year going!? We're already almost half-way through, and I feel like I need to start setting more regular goals to keep me motivated throughout the month. I love writing these types of posts and they keep me on track and focused on what I want to achieve for the month ahead. So, here are my goals for this month:


It's been a while, am I right?! I kind of fell out of love with my blog layout, got out of the swing of things in terms of regular blogging and it is so hard to get back into it once things have fallen out of sync. I have a new layout now though and I feel much more motivated and excited to get back into regular blogging. I think the fact it's sunny and warm now is making me much more motivated too - bring on the peony pics (if I can manage to track some down that is!).

Get organised

I have been meaning to have a big clear-out/rejig of my office for ages now but I've been putting it off because... well, effort. This weekend I finally started putting lots of bits on Depop though (I have so many clothes I need to get rid of!) and started sorting through my makeup, tidying up my desktop etc. I'm going to be writing a post on how I'm getting organised soon as I'm a self-confessed hoarder and so getting rid of things is tough, but I'm finally getting there. Hopefully it'll help any fellow clothes/jewellery/makeup hoarders out!

Take my camera out more

I used to take my camera with me everywhere but over the past year or so it's pretty much lived in my office, only really venturing downstairs when I need to take blog pictures. My boyfriend recently started a photography blog however and it's really inspired me to start taking mine out with me - he takes his everywhere and I just kind of stand around wondering what to do, when I could be getting in on the action too! I might not lug my DSR around with me everywhere I go but I am planning on taking my Olympus Pen out a lot more - it's small and compact so there's really no excuse not to! 

Create more travel content

Travel is something I absolutely adore, and don't do nearly enough of. I have a few trips planned this year (sadly not abroad, but when the weather is this lovely who needs to go away?) so I'm going to listen to the aforementioned goal, grab my camera and get taking lots of pics so I can document my travels for you all. It's something I've always wanted to feature more on here but just never really got round to, so better late than never, right!? 

Be more eco-friendly 

I'm ashamed to admit that in the past I've been a bit lazy when it comes to recycling/driving my car when I could walk/just generally doing my bit to help the planet out. The more I learn about the situation we're in though, the more I'm realising I absolutely need to do more. I'm becoming much more aware of what I can/can't recycle, using my car a lot less than I used to and eating vegan a lot more too. I'm a veggie anyway and I don't drink milk but I know even simple things like choosing the vegan option when I'm out or cooking more vegan meals at home will make all the difference. Any tips on how to be more eco-friendly are greatly appreciated though! 

What are your goals for this month? Let me know, I'd love to hear! 

While I absolutely love spring fashion, there is something about homeware at this time of year that I get so excited about. We wave goodbye to all the thick, fluffy blankets, burnt oranges and burgundies and make way for pastel hues, floral prints and spring accents. Like the phrase 'having a spring clean', I feel as though spring homeware well and truly reinvigorates and refreshes the home, brightening up our spaces and giving them a new lease of life. Plus, I absolutely love pastel no matter what time of year it is, so spring is always a big hit with me.

As the homeware in the shops is so incredible at the minute, I thought I'd put together a little spring homeware wishlist of some of the best bits I've spotted online.

1. Shell-shaped plant pot - H&M, £12.99
Shock horror - the first item I've got to mention isn't actually pastel! I'm really into gold accents at the minute and love the Little Mermaid vibes this shell planter is giving me. It's a really unique piece unlike anything I've seen in the shops before now and I don't think it's a bad price either. I do think it's probably smaller than I'm envisaging, but how cute would it look with a string of hearts plant in it? 

2. 'HEY' set of three vases - Next, £14
As soon as I saw these vases I knew I needed them in my life. Pastel? Tick. Gold detailing? Tick. Super cute? Triple tick. Honestly, I just need an excuse for somewhere to put them and I am so getting these. I think they'd look cute on a side table or even on a shelving unit. 

3. Caravan birdhouse - Rex London, £16.95
I've been after a birdhouse for my garden for ages, but could never find anything very 'me' - they're all quite plain and boring. However, as soon as I saw this one it went straight to the top of my wishlist. I've never seen anything quite like it before and it'll look adorable hanging off the tree in my garden. What a cute little house for the birds (and me) to enjoy!

4. 'Love is Power' A3 print - Oliver Bonas, £65
Oliver Bonas has so many gorgeous prints in at the moment and this one in particular caught my eye. I just love everything about it - the colour, the tiger, the flower detailing... I think it bring an amazing pop of colour into any home.

5. Pink and gold mug - H&M, £3.99
You just can't go wrong in H&M when it comes to kitchenware. This mug is super cute; I love the gold detailing and it's just 'my' shade of pink. Such a great price too!

6. Pineapple wind chime - Anthropologie, £40
Okay, so whilst I can't really justify splashing out £40 on a wind chime, I have to admit I've never seen anything like this before and just how cool would it look in the garden during the summer?

7. 'Peachy Clean' bath mat - Urban Outfitters, £29
Again, this is definitely on the pricey side but if you're looking for a 'talking point' bath mat that screams personality then this is it. Urban Outfitters are amazing when it comes to cool pieces like this - they actually have a whole range of amazing Insta-worthy bath mats. 

8. Armadillo faux cactus planter - New Look, £6.99
I'm sorry, but how cute is this?! It's pastel, the cutest little armadillo AND it's a fake cacti so I'm not going to kill it... ticks all the boxes for me!

9. Safari trinket dish - Anthropologie - £14
Anthropologie manage to nail trinket dishes and jewellery boxes every single time and this is no exception. I absolutely adore the giraffe one - it's so pretty I might actually be inclined to dust it!

10. Fabric wall hanging - Next, £32
Okay, so this is currently out of stock online but I'm praying to the homeware gods that it will come back in soon because HOW PRETTY!? If not, there's always a chance you can get it in your local store. I need this so badly for my office.

11. 'Love' balloon word block - Next, £16
I actually have the real-life balloon version of this (I got it around Valentine's day a few years back and can't seem to part with it) but I love this as a cute little ornamental piece. Definitely a must-have for anyone looking for some rose gold accent pieces!

Let me know what your favourite piece from my wishlist is, and if you'll be picking any of these bits up this spring!