E.L.F First Impressions and Face Of The Day!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Hooray! My E.L.F Cosmetics package arrived today! Very quick delivery too - I order veeeery late on Saturday night (everyone needs a late night spending spree every once in a while) and I was delighted to wake up to this lovely package this morning. Here's a picture of the package (after I'd frantically ripped it open):

And here's what I got:

And my first impressions of them all....

Duo Eye shadow Creams in Butter Pecan and Berry Mix (£1.50 each)

Ok, so I've only used the Berry Mix eyeshadow, and on first impressions I'm not overly thrilled with it. The colour is nice, if not a tad sheer, but it's the texture that I find really hard to work with. The cream is really liquidy and, like I said, pretty sheer so I found myself applying quite a lot to get the coverage I want. Now this is probably because I don't generally use cream eye shadows, I'm a pigment/pan girl usually so maybe it's just a case of practice makes perfect.

Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder (£3.50)

This is a good product. It's received great reviews and I completely agree. Although you probably can't see too well from the pictures, both powders have tiny little sparkles in which I love. The bronzer was a lot darker than what I'm used to, but this is great as it makes it easier to contour (which is what it's for, afterall). The blush wasn't quite as bright as I would have liked, but overall I'm happy with this product and would buy again.

All Over Cover Stick in Honey (£1.50)

For £1.50 this product is brilliant. It has a really thick texture and therefore thick coverage, which is what I'm after when looking for a good concealer. It covers a lot better than many more expensive concealers I've tried, so I'm very impressed. The only problem I have with it is I'm not entirely sure if the colour is right for me - but I guess that's the issue with buying online.

Complexion Perfection (£3.50)

This product I'm not entirely sure about. I get the concept, that the colours are used to neutralise any redness etc. but I really didn't notice any difference, other than that it made me look a bit pastey (as you will see in my FOTD). Maybe it's something I need to get used to, but I'm a tad disappointed if I'm being completely honest.

Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Baby Lips and Pink Lemonade (£1.50 each)

Okay, so I think I misinterpreted these 'lipsticks' when buying them online. I thought the idea was that they were liquid, yet dried like a lipstick. Wrong... of course, they're basically lipglosses that you pump. I don't wear lipglosses very often; therefore I kind of wish I hadn't bought them. They do the job, although I think they're too dark for me.

High Definition Powder (£6)

This is one of the most expensive products in the E.L.F range, but it's also my favourite. I HAD to buy it when I saw how great the reviews were, and that it supposedly created a 'flawless finish'. It really does. It makes my skin look luminous and does have the "soft-focus" effect it claims. It also gives my skin a really matte finish which I love. Love love love this product!

Overall I'm impressed with the MAJORITY of the products. Some of them I think have been a little bit 'hyped' up but obviously this is just my first impression and could change with using them a bit more - I shall keep you updated!

Here's a Face Of The Day for you:

Please excuse my messy hair! Also - I look so pale! I think the fake tan needs to come out ASAP! I'm wearing all the make up mentioned above (bar the butter pecan eye shadow and pink lemonade lipgloss/stick) along with:

Gosh Velvet Touch Primer
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
Primark (would you believe it) Whiplash Mascara (you have to try it - it's amazing)
17 Eyebrow Pencil in Light Brown
Collection 2000 Fastliner

Has anyone else tried E.L.F cosmetics and what products did you like/dislike? Are there any items I've not bought that you'd recommend? Thanks for reading!