Friday, 28 May 2010

Oh my gosh... I love being tanned. I think fake tan is possibly one of the best things ever invented. I thought I'd do a little (or maybe long, we'll see how it goes) blog on my favourite/recent tanning buys along with some tips on getting a good FAKE tan.

Ever since discovering St. Moritz I use it religously; I mean at £2.99 a pop you can't go wrong! And it is most definately the best fake tan I've ever used (as well as one of the cheapest!) It has almost identical ingredients to St. Tropez but is sooo much cheaper and I love the colour it gives me :). I was having a pastey day the other day (as you saw) but I soon slapped some fake tan on, and I love how it instantly makes you feel SO much better! If anyone hasn't yet tried St Moritz, DO IT! It's that good it even has its own appreciation society on Facebook haha!

Okay, so that was a somewhat shameless ramble about how much I love St Moritz. There is, however, another tanning product I love. Now, I don't know about you girls, but I have such a NIGHTMARE when it comes to finding the right foundation colour for my skin. I spent months and months looking for the right one and finnnnally got it in Double Wear's Sand. I chose this colour because it works for both when I'm tanned and when I'm not (naturally I'm as white as a ghost - eek) - all I need to do when I have fake tan on is brush a bit of bronzer over it and I'm good to go. However, recently I've noticed I still look a bit too pale with it on, and as summer's coming along I want to look... what's the word... 'glowing' (no, not orange, thank you very much). So then I discovered this little beauty. It's by Maybelline and it's called 'Bronzing Booster Makeup'. Basically it's like tan in a bottle... you add however many drops you want to your foundation (it comes in a easy-to-use dropper bottle, so you don't end up tipping too much in!) and voila... gorgeous summer glow. I must admit I've been adding quite a few drops to my foundation but it makes SUCH a difference, without giving me a nasty orange look. I recommend it to any fellow fake-tanners out there! Now, I got it from my local cheapy shop Boyes for an amazing £1.99, but I just checked out Amazon and it's the same price there :). Bargain! I've got it in no. 2, Bronze. I love it!

Also, another recent tanning purchase of mine is Sally Hansen's Airbrush Sun Pre-Tan Exfoliator. I cannot stress how important it is to exfoliate if you want a flawless tan. I used to think, 'How can it make a difference?!' and not bother with it, to my peril. Streaky legs are sooo not a good look. Exfoliating takes away all the nasty old skin cells and leaves you with a smooth base, perfect for applying the fake stuff. Exfoliating gloves are worth investing in, as an exfoliating scrub alone probably won't cut it - you can get them from pretty much any beauty shop for about £1.

Another key to a perfect summer glow is MOISTURISE. Fake tan can be quite drying (ah, nothing's perfect after all) and I particularly suffer from getting quite a dry neck (ergh!) and so if I don't moisturise properly I end up with nasty patchy tan around my neck... not attractive. It's important to moisturise all your dry areas (that's your feet, hands, elbows and knees) and I use Palmer's Cocoa Butter - it smells sooo gorgeous (like chocolate) and is the best moisturiser I've ever used. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and nice as well as it smelling delicious - what more could a girl want?!

Finally, remember to wear gloves, or use a tanning mitt when applying your fake tan. I use cheapy latex-free gloves and they work fine - and allow my hands to go stain-free! Also, remember once you've taken them off to apply a TINY amount of tan to your hands with some moisturiser mixed in - this stops it going patchy/too dark on your knuckles etc.

Does anyone else have any tips on faking it? Leave a comment :)

I hope you all enjoyed reading my blog and happy tanning! :)