Bargains from Boots!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Hey everyone! I just thought I'd do a little blog on some of the A-MAZ-ING bargains I got the other day from my local Boots. Now, just to let you know - the things I got were all clearance items, so I'm not entiiiiiiiirely sure if they will be this cheap everywhere else (I went to the other Boots in my town and only a couple of them were - so it's a bit hit and miss really!). All the products I got are haircare items, as they were pretty much the only items on clearance (by clearance I don't mean they were hidden away in a grotty corner titled 'Clearance' at the back of the shop - they were where they usually are but with clearance prices on the shelf label thing - so keep a look out!) Okay, so I'll stop rambling on and show you the goodies I got!

All of these goodies came to under £10. I know, ridiculous! My sister came with me and bought pretty much all the same products - we cleaned out the shop! I'd definately recommend having a look in your local Boots every now and again for fab hair bargains, I was so pleased with mine!
First up I got a diddy take-away sized Lee Stafford Flat Iron protection mist. It was only 49p and I love Lee Stafford products so had to have it!

I then stumbled over to the Aussie hair area and saw a few of their products were on clearance too. I grabbed these two products (Dual Personality Aussome Volume & Conditioning Mousse and Volume & Gloss Hairspray) for a teensy £1.19 each. I love Aussie products (mainly because they smell delicious) and have used the hairspray and it's REALLY good for getting big hair.

I then spotted this collosal pot of 'Naked Rescue' Intensive Repair and Renew Hair Treatment for a bargainous £1.15 (originally £7 something! - at this point me and my sister were literally fighting eachother over all the cheap cheap products) but we both managed to grab one of these each. I've heard a few good things about this brand so hoping for good results. It doesn't have the nicest of smells but I can't complain if it does my hair some good!

I also managed to get hold of some Elnett Hairspray for 88p!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, bargain of the century or what. I was so pleased with this, a full 200ml for such a bargainous price. Brilliant. At this point me and my sister had very chesire cat-like grins (she also managed to grab the last one). We both also got the last two Umberto Giannini Love It Straight Heat Protection Mists for just over a quid. Needless to say we were both squealing with delight and scrambling around for baskets to put all our precious goodies in.

Finally we got our hands on a few more minis, this time from Trevor Sorbie. Also only 49p each, I was really chuffed with these as I've been wanting to try them for ages to see if they va-va-voom my hair. I shall let you know if they do! I got the shampoo, the hairspray and the leave-in conditioner. These last two are a bit boring. Just some a basic shampoo and conditioner but I got the Garnier one for 33p!!!! And I think the Herbal Essences was around 80p.

Overall I think I got some absolute bargains, so definately think it's worth having a good look about every now and again! Boots are also giving out £2 off professional haircare after every £5 you spend in store at the minute - not that I need it after purchasing all these!

Has anyone else come across any fab bargains recently?