Hooray for cheap make up!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

First of all I want to say a massive THANK YOU to all my followers! I can't believe I have over 70, so exciting!

Okay, so on with the blog! Today I went to Boots and had a little spend on some make up. I'd been lusting after a look at the new limited edition 'Precious Metals' collection by 17 and also wanted to get my mitts on some Barry M lippy (which unfortunately wasn't there - sigh). I did however get a couple of bits from the 'Precious Metals' collection as well as some Collection 2000 lippies and a few freebies!

First up - the 17 goodies. I'd seen a lot of talk in the blogging world about the limited edition collection and had already decided from reading various blogs that I had to have the bronzer...

I thought I'd show you the swatches as I haven't had a go with it just yet - but from what I can tell it will make for a gorgeous glow - and could probably be used as eye shadow as well (if you're into your neutrals - which I am). I was tempted to get the 'Precious Metals' eye shadow palette as well but it is pretty much identical to the bronzer, so I thought I'd save my pennies and use the bronzer for both; I think the colours will look gorgeous when mixed together for a bronzer or lovely on their own as eye shadows! The bronzer is £4.49 which I don't think is too shabby!

Next up from the 17 'Precious Metals' collection is the lipgloss. Now, I'm not usually a fan of lipglosses - I find them too sticky and far, far too sheer. This is no different - I was drawn to it as it apparently contains 'gold shimmer' but I saw nothing of the sort on my lips. The colour, although very striking in the packaging, is pretty non-existent on the lips - and I find it too dark for me. It was £3.79 and I definitely wouldn't buy again - but who knows, it might just be my taste!

The good thing about purchasing both products is that it got me a good old 17 freebie. They tend to include these every once in a while if you spend more than £6 (which I did) and I was quite impressed with this one. Along with the packaging being really cute and kitsch, it actually contains some pretty nice products. An 'Ultimate Volume' lipgloss, a waterproof mascara (it's supposed to be a 'travel kit') and a nail polish.

The nail polish is a lovely colour, and although I tend to find 17 polishes chip quite easily, they are pretty opaque and so quick to apply. I haven't yet used the mascara but I'm not hoping for miracles - I do however think it's rather handy if you are going away as a waterproof mascara really is a must. The lipgloss is something that really surprised me. As I said earlier, I've never been the biggest fan of lipglosses, as I'm all for the bright, bold in-your-face colour, which usually isn't the case with glosses. However, this one has left me wondering if I could become a convert; it's a lovely colour and I don't find it sheer at all - it also wasn't too sticky and therefore gets a big thumbs up from me!

The 17 'Ultimate Volume' Lipgloss in 'Pink Ice'

Also - something worth a mention with this freebie is that it comes with a 100 points coupon when you spend over £5 on 17 products - always good if, like me, you are an avid advantage card points collector!

Next up are a couple of lipsticks by Collection 2000 I spotted after perusing the 17 section. As you'll have seen in a previous post, I've found Collection 2000 lippies to be really good quality and long-lasting - therefore I had to get myself some more!

First up is from the same collection as my beloved 'Bubblegum' lippy - the 'Lasting Colour' collection. If 'Bubblegum' is anything to go by, this lipstick should last really well. I'd seen it before but thought perhaps it was a bit risqué - it's called 'Pink Shock' and really is very bold and bright. However, I love love love it on. It's just such a gorgeous bold colour - perfect on a night out with toned down eyes to make it all about the lips. It was a bargain at £3.49

'Pink Shock' from Collection 2000's 'Lasting Colour' Collection

The second lipstick I got from Collection 2000 is one of their 'Crystal Gloss' lip colours, in 'Baby Crystal' and seriously it's beautiful. It's just such a glittery, shimmery, sugary pink. It reminds me of Barbie or something - seriously sparkly and girly. I love it. I think it was about £2.29 - seriously cheap!

'Baby Crystal'

Finally is my last freebie. I got it as if you spent over £4 (I think) on Collection 2000 you received a free Pure Gloss Sheer Lipgloss. I should have known when I saw the word 'Sheer' that I wouldn't get on well with it - however the colour I chose (Candyfloss) looked simply stunning in the tube. On, not so much. Again it's just too sheer for me, but I can't really complain as it was a freebie.

Pure Gloss in 'Candyfloss'

Ah, the joys of cheap make up and freebies! What do you think to what I got? Have you come across any make up freebies recently?