Topshop Haul :)

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Hello everyone! Today has been an absolutely gorgeous day - it's been so hot! Me, my mum and my sister took a shopping trip in the sunshine, and I stumbled on an accessories sale in Topshop and managed to pick up a fair few bargains!

First up I got this gooooorgeous bag. I'd been lusting after it for ages, and so when I saw it sitting on its own with a £20 sticker I had to buy it!! Originally I think it was £38, so I think I got quite a bargain! It's covered in a glittery floral design and is pretty big so will fit a fair few bits in.

I also got this cute little travel card holder to put my rail card in. It was £2.50 in the sale (originally £5) and it matches the bag so I had to get it!

I saw this daisy crop-top in Topshop a while ago, but didn't buy it and ended up really regretting it. So when I saw the last one in my size I had to buy it. It was £28 and the picture really doesn't do it justice. I might do an OOTD with it sometime soon; I think it looks really summery and would look great with a body con skirt and some gladiators!

As soon as I saw these earrings I had to buy them. They're so cute and pretty! They were a bargain at £4 (originally £8) and I love them.

I got these cute button earrings for £2.50, again they were half price and originally £5. I think they're really different and they were the last pair so I snapped them up!

I wanted this necklace ages ago as it's just my taste, but I didn't get it as I decided I had too much jewellery! This has gone out of the window now after stumbling over all these sale goodies! I love this necklace (basically because I love anything involving bees and butterflies) and it was only £4.50, originally £9.

Sorry the picture of this ring isn't the best, the macro on my camera was being difficult! I love this ring as it reminds me of Peter Pan or something; it's a pretty rose with leaf detailing all the way round. It was £2.50 (£5 originally).

I absolutely adore this bracelet. It is covered in holographic glitter which sparkles in all sorts of different colours and has a floral pattern all the way round. I'd never seen it before and had to have it -it was half price at £5.

Overall I'm extremely happy with my purchases! Has anyone else been on a spending spree recently? What do you think to what I bought?