My Face Cosmetics Review

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Recently I was lucky enough to be sent some My Face Cosmetics; a brand I have to admit I knew little about before receiving my goodies. I'd seen the brand in some of the larger Boots stores in my area, but had never really had a good look at their products until now. My Face Cosmetics are different to other make up brands as they base their products around your skin tone; fair, medium, and medium/dark. When looking on their website, for example, each selection of cosmetics are labelled under 'fair', 'medium' and 'medium/dark'. After choosing which you are, you get a list of all the products that are flattering for your skin tone. I think this is a really different and interesting idea, which allows women who are unsure about which products/shades suit them a much better idea about which colours to go for in order to make the most of their skin.

So, on with the products. The first things that caught my eyes (and made me squeal with delight) were the eye shadows. Recently My Face Cosmetics brought out a range of eye shadows entitled 'Blingtones'; highly pigmented and gorgeously sparkly shadows in a wide range of colours. Now, I don't know about you girls but I love pigment and I adore sparkle. Therefore, I love these shadows. The colours I received were Bellbottom Blues (a deep royal blue) and Crystalline Green (a rich emerald green) which, being honest, aren't usually the colours I would go for. Now, don't get me wrong, I love bright and bold shadows, but I always worry that I'll look a bit drag-queen with a blue or a green eye. However, when I applied these I fell in love. I'll be honest, when used dry I'm not the biggest fan of the shadows, but apply with water and voila! gorgeous glittery eyes. The colours actually complement my face pretty well, and definitely do not make me look drag queen (I think the key here is to keep lips to a minimum). The shadows leave you with very wet-looking, sparkly eye lids which I think add a little something different to the usual sparkly eye shadows, and would look gorgeous on a night out. The only down side I find with these shadows is that throughout the day I ended up getting a little fall out (something which has never happened with any other glittery shadow I've owned) but I think with these eye shadows the highs definitely outweigh the lows. The shadows are £9.99 each.

Next up, the foundation. It's entitled 'My Mix Foundation' and again, follows the 'fair', 'medium' and 'medium dark' combo, however within each there are a selection of different variations on colour, for example Fair 01 is for the palest of pale skin tones (me without fake tan springs to mind!) whereas Fair 02 is for fair skin with peachy or pink undertones, and Fair 03 adds a little more colour. My Face Cosmetics states; 'Designed to blend naturally with FAIR complexions so no matter which shade you select, you cannot go wrong.' And in my case, this was absolutely true. I was sent Fair 01 and 02, and Medium 01 and found that both Fairs work perfectly with my skin tone when I haven't used fake tan. I then tanned and tried out Medium 01, and it blended perfectly again. I'd definitely give the foundations a thumbs up for colour - they really do blend with your skin tone, and most importantly, look natural.

The first thing I noticed when applying the foundation is how silky it feels on your skin. It's very light in formulation in comparison to my HG foundation (Estee Lauder Double Wear) which makes me feel as though it's not going to give good cover. It does cover well, however, but I found that throughout the day it did begin to deteriorate, and my blemishes became more visible. I'd probably recommend this foundation to people who are looking for something light and natural on their skin, as the coverage is good when first applied, but as I said it did deteriorate throughout the day which is something I've never encountered with Double Wear (however there is a big price difference between the two!). Purely because I look for a very full coverage when buying a foundation and have rather blemish-prone skin, I probably wouldn't rush out to buy this again. This is mainly because I'm in love with Double Wear - but as My Mix Foundation is only £12.99 there is a big difference in price. If you struggle to find a shade that matches your skin tone I'd definitely recommend trying this brand out - as like I said previously, all three foundations I was sent blended in perfectly with my skin.

I also received a blusher and a mascara. The blush is for fair skin and titled 'Paradisio Pink'. It's a gorgeous bright pink (which I love), it's very highly pigmented and looks lovely on my skin whether I use fake tan or not. The only thing I will say is less is definitely more with this blusher - you really only need to use a tiny bit to get a good wash of colour. It comes in a cute little compact with a mirror and costs £9.99.

The mascara costs £9.99 and the first thing you notice is the nice thick brush, something which I always think is a good sign when looking at mascaras. It does exactly as it suggests - gives me voluminous lashes as well as giving them a natural curl. It doesn't smudge around my eyes which I know can be an issue for some mascaras, but I would say it's probably not the best lengthening mascara out there - but does curl really well.

Overall I'd say my favourite product from My Face Cosmetics is definitely the eye shadow, with the blusher following closely behind. I'd love the foundation if it covered my blemishes throughout the day better, as it does look pretty flawless when first applied. I think that it's definitely worth checking this brand out, especially if you're unsure about what colours/shades suit your skin tone!

You can buy My Face Cosmetics from Boots as well as online at

Here's a picture of me wearing almost all My Face Cosmetics (the mascara, blusher, both eyeshadows, and the foundation) and another to show you how pretty the eye shadows are!

What do you think? Have any of you girls tried My Face Cosmetics before?