Tuesday, 6 July 2010

River Island Accessories Haul

As many of you girls will know, River Island's accessories/footwear sale went live in store today - whilst it's clothing sale opened online. Now, I told myself I was going to get up early, get myself on the website and bag alllllll the bargains. I did get up early, but to be honest, nothing on the website stood out to me - the only things that did were already sold out (this was at 7.30ish this morning - ridiculous, I know). So I decided to ring my not-so-local nearest River Island to check if they had any of the items I wanted and hoorah! They did.

I got there asap and saw the shop was full of girls scrambling around grabbing all the accessories. I soon got the things I wanted but also a fair few other bits as well. I kept saying to myself; 'You have enough jewellery, stop it!' but it was just impossible - there were too many pretty things! Here's a picture of what I picked up:

I know - jewellery galore! But for the prices (the majority of jewellery items I got were a mere £2!!) you can't really complain. I love River Island jewellery but tend to be a bit put off by the prices (same with Topshop) so I find it's always best to wait for the sales - you're guaranteed a bargain.

Here they are in a bit more detail....

I'd seen this gorgeous bow belt around the blogging world recently and really wanted to get my hands on it - I was willing to pay full price (£19.99) but couldn't believe it when I saw it was in the sale for a mere £8! I had a very cheesy grin on my face whilst wandering around with this - I think it will go so well with so many of my clothes, and add something extra to my outfits. I can't wait to wear it!

I got these earrings for an amazing £2 each. There was so many on sale but these were the ones that stood out to me. Left to right - Tiny heart multi-coloured studs - these were the last pair left and I'd wanted them for so long I had to get them. Aqua round studs - I love these, they're very tribal yet pretty at the same time. I think they're great for the summer and I just adore the colour of them. Fly Studs - River Island has been all over the fly/insect jewellery theme this summer. I love any jewellery/clothing involving insects/jewellery so naturally I loved this. It's a beautiful bright pink fly with gold detailing and just looks really quirky and cute. I have a similar pair already in a paler, more toned-down pink, but I love these too.

These two necklaces were, again, only £2 each and I love them. The one on the left is of a hummingbird and I think it's really pretty - especially the chain which is quite detailed as opposed to being a plain boring chain. The one on the right is a fly necklace, similar to the earrings above but in a deep purple.

Ahhh now this is one of my favourites. It's a ring would you believe it, and is so detailed and pretty I couldn't resist it. It was reduced from £12.99 to a fiver, which I think is a bargain. It's such a statement piece that will jazz up any outfit.

Last in the jewellery; another favourite. I'm actually in love with this necklace - the pictures really don't do it justice. I'd seen it a while ago and debated buying it (it was £17.99 originally). It's covered in quirky charms; the Eiffel Tower, love hearts, bows, pom poms and buttons to name but a few. I love eclectic pieces like this so I couldn't believe it when I saw it was only £6. It would jazz up any plain top perfectly.

Finally I picked up some Models Own polishes. I saw the fluro orange and the sparkly silver amongst the sale accessories and grabbed them as soon as I saw their price (£2!!). I'm a big fan of Models Own polishes; they're such good quality in my opinion. River Island has been stocking them for ages - but I think they usually get overlooked, particularly when it comes to sale time. The polish in the middle is one I'd set my sights on a few days ago - it's a really peachy, pastel colour entitled 'Peach Sherbet'. I'd searched for it on Boots, but they don't appear to stock it - so I tried the Models Own website, and it was sold out. So when I saw it sitting there gathering dust in River Island I went a little crazy-happy. It wasn't reduced, but I wasn't expecting it to be as it is one of their newer polishes. I was an extremely happy bunny after getting this.

Overall I think I did pretty well. Yes, I spent faaaaaaaar more than I thought I would, on lots of jewellery (which I think I have plenty of - but a girl can never have too many things!) but I'm really pleased with what I got and would definitely recommend having a look in the sale whilst the good things are still there. The website is a bit of a let down in my opinion, things sell out far too quickly, so I definitely think it's worth going to your local RI.

Has anyone else been to the River Island sale today? What did you get?



  1. Amazing buys so lucky! I know where im heading first thing tomorow :) x

  2. Love the nail polishes xx

  3. Im hitting my local River Island on my lunch, sure most of the good stuff will be gone by then, but just never know. Sucks being at work.

  4. @Laura - the clothing sale starts in store tomorrow so maybe worth checking that out if you don't get anything today x

  5. wow...lovely jewelery specially the earrings..Hannah do visit my blog....http://rakhshanda-chamberofbeauty.blogspot.com/

  6. fun jewelery!
    check out my blog

  7. Hii :]

    Lovely blog!

    I love all the jewellery, especially the chunky charm neckláce :]

    Im now your newest follower <3

    Id appreciate it if youd take a wee peek at mine:


    Thank~you !



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