Blueberry Ice Cream

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Hey girls :) hope everyone is having a good week! I thought I'd do a little post on my new favourite nail polish - Blueberry Ice Cream by the one and only Barry M. I'd seen this colour on a couple of my friends and had to get my mitts on it. It's a gorgeous bright blue colour, and will look amazing with or without a tan.

Isn't the colour gorgeous? Please excuse my messy application!

I thought I'd also devote this post to my love for Barry M nail paints. Seriously, I cannot rave about them enough. I think everyone in the beauty world, if they had to choose, would pick Barry M as their go-to for affordable, yet high quality nail polishes. For a mere £2.95 you get a nail varnish that only requires one coat, is a great formulation, doesn't chip easily and is available in a vast amount of colours. I've always been a fan of Barry M - I think it most probably was the first brand that caught my eye when I was starting out with make up. I love everything about the brand - as well as being a huge fan of their nail paints I'm also obsessed with their Dazzledusts; such a variety of colours with amazing pigmentation. I also love Barry M because it demonstrates how drug store brands can still be top when it comes to quality; I think I would pick a Barry M nail paint over a prestige-brand nail polish any day.

So I think you get the idea - I'm in love with Barry M. Right now their nail paints are on 2 for £5, and there are a few brand spanking new colours available (including my beloved Blueberry Ice Cream). I'm lusting after Strawberry Ice Cream; a muted-down take on the usual pastel pink.

Who else shares my love for Barry M?