Friday, 6 August 2010

Just a little outfit post :)

I thought I'd do a little outfit post showing off my new jacket. Well - not exactly a jacket - more of a jackety blouse/shrug-type-thing. I really like it anyway - I love the inky floral detailing and the waterfall shape of the jacket. I think it looks really graceful and will go with lots of different outfits. I wore it with a pale pink vest top and some pale jeggings today for a more casual look, but I think you could definitely dress it up as well. It's a pale cream colour and was £25 from New Look (plus 10% off student discount - £22.50), which I think is a pretty good price as I've seen similar things in Topshop for a lot more. The vest top is from Primark and the necklaces I'm wearing are from Topshop and the fairytale castle one is from Disney Couture (my favourite jewellery brand in the world ever). I thought the two necklaces went well together as they both focus on the fairytale theme (which I love). I'm also wearing my butterfly hair clip from Lucy May Designs - I seriously wear this almost everyday - love it so much.

Hope everyone is okay and thanks so much to all my new followers - I cannot believe I have over 130 already - it is so overwhelming but I'm so happy people enjoy reading my blog - I love writing it and if anyone has any requests for which sort of posts you like seeing more of/if you would like me to do a review on anything specific please let me know by giving me an email! xx



  1. That's a really pretty outfit (:

  2. Aww gorgeous jacket, well done on the followers! :) xx

  3. The jacket/cardigan is so pretty, it's whimsical and dainty!:D
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    & Life According to Marie.

  4. Ahhh i saw this shrug in 2 new look shops the other day, i was so tempted to get it cus i have stuff like it and walked on :(

    It really is lovely thou, floaty too :)

    Looks great on you :)


  5. Loving your cardigan! :)

  6. that cardigan is adorable, wish there was a new look near me!

  7. your blog is lovely. i really like your top and all the necklaces together. i can see why you're a wannabe beauty journalist, your makeup looks great and ur beautiful, im sure ull go far! x

  8. I have that Once Upon a Time necklace too! =)
    Loving you're blog hun.

    Stephanie xx


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