Love for Lee Stafford

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Okay, so I've always been a fan of Lee Stafford hair products. The first reason for my attraction? The pink packaging, of course. However, as well as Lee's products being rather pleasing on the eye, the main reason for my love of them is this; they WORK. Plus, they smell really good. I'd tried a vast selection of his products already, but about a month ago I was sent a few things to try out as well. You can imagine my delight - I love Lee anyway so I couldn't wait to get trying out some of the products I'd yet to get my mitts on. I thought I would do a round up of all the products I was sent, as well as some I had purchased previously, and let you girls know what I think to them! (I've put a * next to the ones I was sent)

Double Blow Mousse

I bought this mousse a while ago when I was desperately on the search for big, blow-dried locks. Upon first use I'll admit, I wasn't impressed. I didn't really notice a HUGE difference (pardon the pun) in my hair, and to be honest was a little disappointed. However, I'm never one to give up on a product just after one use. After using this for about 3 months now, I have to say I can't be without it. It really makes a difference in the volume of my hair - without it my hair looks flat and boring, whereas with it I can achieve nice big locks. I really like how you can pick and choose how big you want your hair to go (for really big hair you use it twice - once when your hair is wet, then dry it, and use again, then dry - sounds like a bit of a performance but actually doesn't take very long and is really worth it). For £4.49 I think this is definitely worth the money, and I'll definitely repurchase when mine runs out (although it's still going strong)!

Matt Fat Hair Powder*

Okay, so this one's a bit of an odd hair product. For the price (£8.99) you get a little 10g tub of, well, it looks like talcum powder. Actually, it's a powder designed to 'give big fat volumized Bardot film star hair.' And, it does. I was sceptical upon first use of this product (I find it hard to comprehend how a powder can make my hair 'big') but now I cannot live without it. Similarly to the Double Blow Mousse, when I first used the product I didn't really notice much of a difference, but I wasn't sure if this was because I'd been back-combing and upside-down hair-spraying my hair to make it bigger anyway. After using this product countless times now, it is my go-to hair product for big hair. Another good thing is, if you find your hair is going flat on a night out it's really easy to slip into your bag and touch up on the go, which is always handy. It's definitely a really easy to use product, and something which I've never seen before. For £8.99 this product is a little bit pricey, but I do probably think once I run out I'll be repurchasing.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

I think this was probably the first Lee Stafford product I've purchased; I bought it about a year ago when I felt I'd cut my hair too short and it needed to grow back desperately - the rave reviews on the Boots website are what swayed it for me! It's basically like a deep-treatment conditioner, which you use in between shampooing and conditioning. Again, it smells amazing and I do think it works. My hair has grown a lot since using it, but I'm not sure if that's purely because my hair grows fast anyway - it's difficult to tell. The only thing I have against the product is that for it to make your hair grow you have to use it every time you wash your hair, and it's recommended you use an 'egg-sized' amount. This leads to me using the 200ml tub up quite quickly, but at £6.99 I don't think that's too bad. If you don't want to use the treatment daily, it does say you can use it once a week as an intensive conditioner, which I preferred doing. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants there hair to grow to try this product out, again, it was a product I'd never seen before, and I don't think any other brands out there do anything like this. Another thumbs up from me!

Climate Control Shampoo & Conditioner*

I was sent these products; being honest they are not something I would usually purchase - £5.69 for a shampoo is a bit too much for me as I tend to get a bit carried away when applying - I have a lot of hair! Also, I usually rummage around in cheapy shops for reduced price shampoos and conditioners - namely Andrew Collinge conditioners which I get for a teensy £1.99! But, I was open-minded about giving them a go, as surely for the price they'd be pretty good? Wrong. Lee disappointed me here - although they made my hair feel nice to begin with they just didn't cut it when comparing them to my usual products (as mentioned previously - Andrew Collinge). They smell nice, as all his products do, but other than that I didn't like them. They claim to stop your hair frizzing in the sun/rain, and although I didn't get a chance to put them to the test when in the rain, with the recent hot weather and humidity I found that my hair frizzed up quite badly, possibly even more than when using my usual products. Sorry Lee, but these products just don't cut it in my opinion.

And a quick round-up of some of the other products...

Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Mist (£4.99 for the full size version) - I love this product. It smells amazing, makes my hair feel good and I'm really do feel it protects my hair well.

Poker Straight Dry Shampoo* (£4.99) - Slightly pricier than Batiste Dry Shampoo (my usual dry shampoo) but smells so much better and I found it didn't leave that tell-tale grey look. Does what it states and is great for those in-between hair days.

Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray* (£5.99) - I'm still not 100% sure about this product. I'll be honest - I've only used it a couple of times and found that it didn't really make a difference to my hair at all. Both times I used it I applied it onto wet hair, so maybe this is where I was going wrong? It did make my hair feel different though - but not really in a good way. It felt as though I'd been to the beach, but that kind of over-product feel isn't really something I like. This may be a product I need to experiment with a bit - it has good reviews so perhaps I'm just not using it properly!

I also have a Lee Stafford hair dryer and straighteners which I love - I bought them purely because they're pink, but they are brilliant products too :)

Overall I'm really impressed with Lee Stafford hair products (I don't think I'd keep buying them otherwise!) They all smell amazing, and almost all of them do the job brilliantly.