MAC Lipstick Love

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Hey girls! I want to say a big thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday in my last post - I had a brilliant day and got lots of lovely goodies, some of which I think I shall have to do a blog post about pretty soon!

Today though I thought I'd talk about some of my recent MAC lipstick purchases, all of which I love, and show you what they look like on. Now, I'm fairly new to MAC (I have a few eye shadows and a couple of blushers) but recently I cannot stop buying it. I love the choice of colours and the quality of the majority of their products, and when I saw their new Dazzle Lipstick collection I HAD to get my hands on it. Now, I don't know about you but I LOVE a sparkly lip. I'm your typical girly girl, anything pretty and sparkly gets my vote, including lip colours. Yes, they can be a bit risque - and in the worst case can make you look a little bit like a 5-year old girl trying out her mother's make up collection - but when worn properly I think they can look simply stunning.

I decided to go for 2 of the lipsticks in MAC's Digi Dazzle Lipstick collection and I wasn't disappointed. First up; 'Naughty You':

Naughty You

Seriously, doesn't it look amazing? I love how glittery and sugary it looks. It's a beautiful raspberry colour, with flecks of light pink glitter. Plus, it doesn't leave you with that nasty chunky glittery feeling. It lasts really well, the only thing I will say is that (with all these glittery lipsticks) you may get a little bit glittery around the mouth area, but it's definitely nothing drastic.


Hellraiser is a much subtler, lilac colour with blue and silver flecks of glitter. It's a must for any lilac lipstick loving girls, and also is worth a try for those who are a little scared when it comes to trying glittery lipsticks but want to give them a go.

I have to say, out of the two lipsticks from the Dazzle Lips collection that I purchased, I definitely wear Naughty You the most. I don't know what it is, but something about Hellraiser just doesn't look 'right' on me. I'm going to have to keep trying with it, but I'm not sure if it's the lilac undertones - I end up looking a bit 'space-age' with it on. Never a good look!

I also purchased a lippy from MAC's recent 'In The Groove' collection. I'd been dying to get my hands on Jazzed, but as it was sold out EVERYWHERE I settled for All Styled Up, which I must say is definitely more 'me' anyway...

All Styled Up

I am in love with this lipstick. It ticks all the boxes for me; pink, pretty, and veeeery moisturising. I love this colour lipstick (the majority of my lipsticks are variations of this somewhat bubblegum, in-your-face pink) and the fact it is so moisturising is a big plus. It's what I imagined Viva Glam Gaga to be really (yes, the two are similar, but this one definitely packs a much bigger punch) and I've been wearing this a lot on nights out and seriously cannot get enough of it. Big thumbs up for All Styled Up!

Finally, on to my favourite lipstick of the moment, Please Me...

Please Me

As you can probably guess, I'm definitely a very statement-lip kind of girl. I love my brights, but recently I'd been looking for something a bit different. Enter Please Me. After seeing it on the lovely Anna's blog I felt I just had to get it - it was definitely what I was looking for in terms of something different. It's a beautiful, muted-down pink, and it's matte which I really love. I've been wearing this nearly everyday recently, a definite new favourite of mine. The only thing I will say, is as it's matte it can be pretty drying (as you can see above), so it's probably best putting a balm on underneath. All in all though I love this lipstick.

So there you go - my new favourite MAC lippies. What other MAC lipsticks do you girls recommend?