Tea Rose Polish, Kiss Nails & Eyeko Goodie Bag!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Hello lovelies - I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I thought I'd do a little post focusing mainly around nails, but also about some of the lovely Eyeko goodies I bought this week!

First up, I've recently been really intrigued by acrylic nails. I naturally have FAIRLY longish nails, and so have never really felt the need to wear fake ones - however I HATE it when my nails break (which is a lot in my job - I work at Boots and surprisingly unpacking shampoos etc. takes its toll on my nails!) I've bought false nails on a couple of occasions before, when I wanted that 'french manicure' look that I seemed unable to create (I have since learned how - thank goodness!) However on this occasion I wanted some nails that I could paint and, fingers crossed (pardon the pun) would stop my polish from chipping. So when I came across these Kiss nails on offer in my Boots I just HAD to have them...

They were £4.49 and you get 100 nails - so I think this is definitely a brilliant bargain! I'm really impressed with the nails so far, they fit my nails perfectly and the glue dried SO quickly and seems realllllllly strong so I think they will have good staying power. The only thing I didn't like about applying them is that I managed to get glue all over my hands - resulting in a few gluey-nails (not the best base for applying nail polish!) but I think this is purely because I'm not that used to applying these babies yet!

I decided to paint them with Eyeko's Tea Rose polish, which I got free when ordering from them (more about that later). I love the colour of this polish; it's such a lovely muted-down vintage pink. It went on beautifully a dried really quickly - very impressive. Here's what it looks like on (along with the Kiss nails):

I have to say I'm really impressed with Eyeko's nail polishes. This is the main reason why, last week when they were doing a 'Surprise Goodie Bag' for £10 offer on their website I had to invest in one. Apparently the goodie bags contained up to £20 worth of products, and as I've always wanted to buy more things from Eyeko, but was never sure what to get, I thought this would be the perfect offer for me. I wasn't disappointed!

In my goodie bag I got; Eyeko Tinted Cream, Indigo Polish, Line & Shine Duo Colour Pencil in Plum and Electric Purple, and a groovy Eyeko beauty bag. I also got the Tea Rose polish free for spending £10! Considering the polishes are usually £3.50, the Line & Shine is £4, and the tinted cream on its own is £8, I think I got a pretty good deal!

Eyeko Tinted Cream

I'm really impressed with the tinted cream - naturally I'm pastey white and so this gives me a gorgeous sun kissed glow. I love how it contains Vitamins A, E and C - obviously it's good for my skin! I'm really tempted to get the Eyeko Cream in Extra Glow too - I've read a few reviews for it and it sounds like a miracle product for creating that 'glowing' look.

All in all I'm really liking Eyeko products, and will definitely be buying from them again.

Has anyone else tried the Kiss nails? Anyone else a fan of Eyeko?