Butler and Wilson

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

I don't know about you, but I am completely obsessed with bright, sparkly, flamboyant accessories and pieces of jewellery. I would say my taste in jewellery could be seen as a little eccentric; I adore anything involving animals and insects, the majority of my jewellery collection consists of 'statement pieces' and therefore I am not one to shy away when it comes to jewellery.

I have always been drawn to Butler and Wilson. Everything about their jewellery brand is to my taste; bright, bold colours, dazzling Swaroski crystals, eccentric and beautiful designs. I discovered them a year or so ago and have since been dying to get my mitts on some of their creations. So, when in London last weekend, I ventured into the stunning Butler and Wilson store and purchased my first ever Butler and Wilson piece.

Why has it taken me so long to buy something from Butler and Wilson? Not because of their prices; I actually think Butler and Wilson have reasonable prices considering how gorgeous their jewellery is. No, because there is simply so much choice. I am the type of person who will spend hours debating and debating and debating over which bag to get, which colour coat is best, and so when I'm hit with such an immense amount of amazing jewellery designs, I have simply no idea where to start. I spent about an hour in the Butler and Wilson shop umming and ahhing over what piece of jewellery I should get, when I decided on this little baby...

How cute!?

The Butler and Wilson store was beautiful - its displays were a feast of sparkle and glitz for the eyes, and I literally wanted everything I saw. Once home, with my gorgeous little ducky necklace safely in its box, I popped onto the Zentosa website to have another look at the Butler and Wilson goodies (I was craving another purchase, I have a problem, I know). I was looking in particular for a pair of cute little gingerbread man earrings I had seen a while ago on the site but which had unfortunately been out of stock (they were also out of stock in the London store, much to my disappointment), in the hope that they had got some more in. Hooray - they had - and I bought them then and there.

The cute little Butler and Wilson store in London - a treasure trove of stunning creations

That was Sunday night and I was ecstatic to find them arrive on my doorstep on Tuesday - big thumbs up for quick Zentosa delivery (and it's free!). Here they are...

I think I am in love with these earrings

These earrings are absolutely adorable - I can't wait to wear them! I know I will definitely be purchasing a lot more Butler and Wilson goodies in the future, as they are right up my street when it comes to jewellery... I'm already compiling a Christmas list full of them!

I will leave you with a picture of my two new loves together...

Are there any more Butler and Wilson fans out there? What do you think to my purchases?