Favourite Skincare Products

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Okay, so recently my skin has been a nightmare. My skin is never very happy at the best of times; I have oily skin and have always suffered with just a little bit (and some times a lot) of acne, but recently (perhaps due to stress/hormones/whatever other excuses there are out there) it has decided to flare up somewhat dramatically. Luckily, I have my trusty holy grail foundation Estee Lauder Double Wear at close hand and so can leave the house without feeling as though I may scare small children (okay maybe slightly dramatic, but you see my point).

Anyway, this recent 'flare-up' has caused me to re-think my skin care routine, and also has made me think about the products I love when it comes to looking after my skin. Therefore, here's a little post of all my favourite skincare products, with a not-so-favourite thrown in.

I thought I would start with my absolute all time favourite skin care product. I started using Sudocrem years ago, when my Dad was throwing out his usual weird and wonderful methods (such as putting toothpaste on my spots - didn't work). He then suggested Sudocrem, and although I was a little reluctant to try it, it worked. Ever since Sudocrem has been my go-to product for getting rid of nasty blemishes. You literally apply it to any areas with spots, rub in a LITTLE (I find it works better if you don't rub it in too much) and voila, in the morning your spots should look significantly reduced, and in some cases almost completely gone. It does not dry out your skin at all (I have tried countless medicated spot creams, which do work, but not without leaving your skin dry and peeling - eugh!) I cannot get enough of this product, and always recommend it to anyone who suffers with even the slight now-and-again blemish. It. Is. Amazing.

Boots Tea Tree and Witch-Hazel Peel-Off Face Mask
This face mask is a bit of a hidden gem. It's a Boots own branded product, and so I had my doubts about it being that great (yes, I'm a bit of a brand snob). For £2.99 (and quite often on the 2 for £5 offer) you get a 50ml tube, or for around 69p you can get a little sachet of the stuff. I've used so-called peel-off masks before, but they never really succeeded in peeling off very well, and did little or nothing to my skin. This is an exception. It claims to help unclog pores and remove blackheads, and I really think it does the job. My pores look SO much better after using it, and my skin feels beautifully soft. I also love the fun of peeling the mask off, as sad as that sounds! Definite thumbs up for this product, and for the price, I can't really say anything bad about it.

Biore Shine Control Moisturiser
Anyone who suffers with it will know that shine comes part of the package if you have oily skin. There is nothing I hate more than looking at my face mid-afternoon and seeing my T-zone covered with shine. Luckily, that doesn't happen anymore since using this moisturiser. I have tried countless 'Shine Reducing' moisturisers, but this is by FAR the best one. It costs £4.99 (although I have found it cheaper in shops such as Bodycare etc.) and I think is definitely worth the price. It's a great base for my make up and I really notice the difference when using it; my face rarely looks shiny now. Another favourite of mine!

Origins Spot Remover

This is another spot-on (pardon the pun) spot-removing product that ticks all the boxes for me. Although it stings when you put it on (I actually find this is usually a good sign for spot-killing products) it doesn't leave your skin too dry and it works wonders for your spots. It literally does remove them head on, and I have woken up many a time to find the spot that was taking over my face the night before is completely gone the next day. The only problem I have with this product is the price (it's £10 for literally the TINIEST bottle you have ever seen) but if you've got the cash I'd say it's worth investing in.

Garnier Fresh Cleanser, Toner & Eye Make-up Remover

When looking for a cleanser I usually go for something with blemish-fighting ingredients, that helps unclog my pores and reduces shine. However, I have tried countless cleansers fitting this description and find that they never really do what I want them to. I find those sorts of products usually dry my skin out far too much and in many cases make my skin a lot worse. So, a few months ago I searched for a gentler option. Enter Garnier's Fresh collection. It was on offer in Boots (I'm a sucker for a good offer) and so I thought I'd give it a go. I have to say its cleanser is the best I've used to date. It doesn't dry my skin out, and leaves my skin feeling clean without making it tight and uncomfortable. It also does reduce my spots and leave my skin in a much better condition. I use this combined with the toner and the eye make up remover (also the best one I've ever used) and I am a happy chappy. I'm not saying it's a miracle worker if you have bad skin - but it is certainly the gentlest cleanser I've used that also helps reduce my blemishes (even if that's only slightly).

And a product I'm not so fond of...

Clean & Clear

I used this product years ago as it seemed the go-to product for teenage skin. I actually used it for about a year before realising it was doing absolutely nothing to help my skin. Then recently my skin got really bad and so I decided to go back to this 'go-to' product in the hope it would sort my skin out. Bad idea - I now remember why I stopped using it. It is such a harsh product on the skin; my skin literally burns/stings like mad after using it, and feels really tight and uncomfortable. I also think it's making my blemishes worse - going directly against what it's meant to be doing. Therefore I stopped using it once again and have gone back to the only reliable cleanser I've ever used (Garnier Fresh Cleanser).

What are your favourite skin-care products? Anything you recommend?