Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Florals, jewels, and pretty things...

Hey girls, hope everyone is ok :) Today I thought I would do something a little different from usual (ie. not a fashion OR beauty related post, shock horror). I've noticed a lot of lovely interior posts floating about in the blogging world and as I just love having a nosey at people's rooms for inspiration, these were definitely up my street. I have always loved Cath Kidston, and so my room is very Cath Kidston inspired (wallpaper, quilt, basically floral everywhere) and I've noticed lots of girls in the beauty blogging world are loving the vintage/Kidston inspired d├ęcor at the moment. I thought I would share a few images I took earlier of some 'sections' of my room.... this may bore some of you but let me know if you would like more posts like this (I personally love reading people's 'room' posts but each to their own!) I whacked in a picture of my makeup storage too, just in case you were interested! Warning - I got a little snap happy so this post is rather picture heavy....

I thought I best put a pic in of my pup as he is pretty much part of the furniture in my room!

I love my bedroom but recently I've been wondering about painting all my furniture white. At the minute it's all your basic boring old pine coloured, but I just love how white vintage-inspired furniture looks, especially against florals. Also, I intend on decorating my bird cage with lots of pretty things, which I'm sure I will just HAVE to do a post on at some point :)

What do you girls think to my room? Do you like room posts?
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