Love for Urban Decay

Friday, 17 September 2010

I recently purchased these two beautiful Urban Decay palettes, and as I've never had anything from the brand before, I thought I would do a little review :)

Naked Palette

I think anyone in the beauty blogging world will know that there has been a colossal amount of hype surrounding Urban Decay's latest 'Naked' Palette. Now, I've never purchased anything from Urban Decay before. I know, shocking isn't it? I don't know why, but for some reason I always felt their products looked a little overpriced, and although I fell in love with the Alice Book of Shadows, by the time I'd made my mind up about buying it, it had sold out.

Recently however, I've been more and more drawn to the brand as a whole. The fact that they do not test on animals (and even have their own vegan eye shadow palette!) along with their fairytale-inspired packaging and branding, swayed me into trying out the brand. Then the 'Naked' palette arrives, and I have to give in. I love neutrals. I absolutely cannot get enough of them - they suit my eye colour perfectly and are so versatile you can glam up or down any make up look using them. As my birthday was coming up, I put the Naked palette on the top of my list.

I wasn't disappointed. This palette is absolutely beautiful - I'm sure you've all seen the swatches and heard the great reviews to know that! But the thing I like best about this palette is the sheer amount of different looks you can create using it, and that all the shades are extremely wearable. I won't go into much detail about each shade - as there are simply hundreds of reviews out there for you to look at - but there are a few shades in particular which I think are worth a mention.

L-R - Dark Horse, Half-Baked, Smog, Sidecar

These four shades are my most-used and are absolutely beautiful. I love Half-Baked all over the lid with Smog in the crease, or Smog all over with Dark Horse in the crease. Sidecar looks beautiful with all of the darker shades, and is such an unusual and pretty colour. I am in love with this palette!

Book of Shadows Vol. III
Now, about a week after my birthday, and after my receiving my beloved Naked palette, I popped on the Debenhams website on a whim to find that the Urban Decay latest Book of Shadows had magically appeared. Now, although I didn't find it as exciting to look at as the Alice in Wonderland BoS (which I missed out on, sniff), after looking at the shades, reading the description and learning that IT LIGHTS UP I had to get it, as I just knew if I didn't it would sell out and I'd regret it. I am so glad I did get it!

The palette itself is based around New York, and the pop-up in it is seriously stunning. I love the artwork and the fact that IT LIGHTS UP (did I mention that?). It also being based around the fabulous city that is New York makes it all the more fantastic. But onto the eye shadows. I would say that this palette definitely isn't for the faint-hearted. It is full to the brim with shocking fuschias and electric blues, but also hidden amongst these shades are some beautiful neutrals (namely golds - my favourites). The colour's Urban Decay have chosen are definitely fitting for the colourful city that is New York, and I must say I love this palette too. As I love experimenting with different make up looks, and more importantly different colours, I think that this palette is perfect for me, and would be perfect for anyone who is a little more daring with their make up application. Although there are some lovely neutrals in there too, I wouldn't buy this palette if you only stick strictly to neutrals, as there are far more brights in there. I myself love both neutrals and brights, and so love this palette.

L-R - Radium, Psychedelic Sister, Snatch, Kush

I would say if you're choosing between the two palettes, think about which you will wear more of - I would say the Naked Palette is quite obviously more wearable overall, but if you already have a lot of neutrals and want to try something different (and aren't afraid to use some in-your-face colours) then the BoS is for you.

Overall I would say I'm very impressed with both palettes. Having never approached the brand before I have nothing but good things to say about it, and the quality of the eye shadows and selection of colours in both palettes are brilliant. Comparing them to the quality of a brand like MAC, I would say they are perhaps not as easy to work with (in my opinion) but give an equally good finish and for the prices of these palettes and the amount of shadows you get they are fantastic value (the Naked palette contains 12 shadows, a double-ended eye pencil and a mini primer potion for £27 & the BoS contains 16 shadows, a mini primer potion and two individual eye pencils for £30).

What do you think to Urban Decay's latest palettes? Have you purchased either of them???