Eyeko Extravaganza

Monday, 4 October 2010

On Saturday night I was lucky enough to be invited to the Eyeko event at Wenlock & Essex in London. I had never been to a bloggers event before and so jumped at the chance to attend! I live a fair way away and so had a rather colossal train journey down, but it was most definitely worth it.

I have always been a fan of Eyeko; mainly for their fantastic range of beautiful nail polishes, as well as their tinted cream. I'd been dying to test out their other products though and this event was the perfect opportunity to do so, as well as meeting all the lovely bloggers!

The gooorgeous Eyeko polishes & new London Lipglosses!

Mhmmmmm cupcakes :)

The event began at around 5pm, when we were all ushered into a retro wonderland, complete with dance floor and cheesy music, as well as a selection of beautiful cupcakes, delicious cocktails, and, of course; the make up! We were kindly greeted by both Max and Nina Leykind, the founder of Eyeko themselves, who really were lovely to talk to. Nina sat us down and discussed with us her ideas surrounding the brand, as well as showing us the new Eyeko collection. I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the collection on a whole, and in particular, the blushes. I love a good blusher, and to hear that Eyeko was to release some was such a treat. We were shown three beautiful shades; a gorgeous lilac-pink, and two warmer corally colours. They are all blush duos and look brilliant separately as well as swirled together. I definitely see myself purchasing all three. I loved the shimmer they gave and felt that the lilac-pink shade could also make a beautiful eye shadow.

The lilac-pink blush (please excuse the flash!)

Beautiful coral-pink blush :)

We were also shown the new London lip gloss collection; a collection of scented lipglosses each named after an area in London. I thought the glosses were really cute and particularly like 'Portobello'. There is also a new range of Fat Balms coming out, as well as some rather intriguing chunky lip pencils, which looked pretty amazing in themselves. It was really refreshing to see how genuinely interested Nina was in our opinions of the new products and she listened intently to any ideas we had about the brand.

New products galore!

After having a look at the collection we scooted off around the room to try out the make up dotted about, mingle with the other bloggers and enjoy a tipple or two! There were also hair stylists on hand giving amazing hair makeovers, manicures, and even tarot readings! It was a truly unique night and it was so lovely to be able to meet all the beautiful bloggers for the first time.

A spot of pampering!

The thing that was clear to me throughout the event is that Eyeko really is a brand that cares about what its customers think, and who want them to be actively involved in the brand, as is shown with their Ambassador programme. If you don't know about the programme, I'd definitely recommend checking it out, as it is open for anyone to sign up. I myself actually signed up after attending this event, as it is something I have looked into doing before and after hearing about the impact it makes it completely swayed me. My Ambassador Code is E11294 to all those interested!

I had such a fabulous time at the event, and left very happily with a goody bag full to the brim with wonderful Eyeko products. Thanks so much for having me Eyeko, and thanks to all the lovely bloggers who made me feel very welcome!