Love for Gypsy Night

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I'm sure you all know it was Topshop sale a few days ago, and after scouring the website I decided to pop into my local branch to see what was on offer. The shop was rather chaotic to say the least; a scramble of girls elbowing their way through the sale rails. I tried my best to get a look at the clothes, but gave up after a while and settled for some lovely pieces of jewellery. I then wandered over to the make up 'corner' and spotted this little beauty. Although it wasn't in the sale, I HAD to get it.

Topshop Gypsy Night Polish

Sorry the pics aren't the best - for some reason my camera refused to focus - maybe dazzled by the polish?

I'm in love with this nail polish at the minute. It's not like a polish I've personally ever seen before - it has flecks of different coloured glitter in but also bigger chunks of glitter which give it an amazing effect. It reminds me of fireworks in a night sky or something - I will definitely be wearing it on Bonfire night anyway! It was £5 from Topshop (£4.50 with student discount) and I'm really impressed with it!