My Venomous Villains Purchases!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

As if you didn't already know, MAC's highly anticipated Venomous Villains collection launched last week. I for one was extreeeemely excited to get my hands on some of the goodies. As you may have read in my previous post on VV (have a read here if you haven't already) I have and always will be a HUGE fan of Disney. Combined with my love of make up this collaboration is a dream come true. I know the majority of people merely get excited about the products themselves, and don't take into account the packaging, but for me it's the whole lot. I would not be nearly as much as excited as I am about this collection if it wasn't for the gorgeous packaging covered in Disney's iconic imagery along with the beautiful names of the products.

Anyway, back to the products themselves. I'll start by saying I was very tempted to purchase a lot more than I actually did, but I am really impressed with the things I did get. I purchased:

Maleficent Mineralize Eye shadow in 'She Who Dares' and 'My Dark Magic'
These mineralize eye shadows are to die for. The photographs I have taken to not do them justice at all; they are seriously glittery and beautiful, just as I imagined they would be. A little part of me wonders if they will look prettier in the pan than on my eyelids, but only time will tell. I've yet to use them but I cannot wait to experiment with these little beauties. Definitely my favourites (for the sparkle factor) from this collection.

My Dark Magic & She Who Dares

Cruella Lipstick in Heartless, Evil Queen Lipstick in Toxic Tale & Cruella Lipstick in Innocence, Beware!
Top to bottom; Innocence, Beware!, Toxic Tale, Heartless

Cruella Lipstick in 'Heartless'
I adore this lipstick. It is such a rich, glossy red; a perfect statement lip for winter. I absolutely love how this looks on my lips. It's gorgeous without looking TOO much, is beautifully beautifully rich and glossy, and lasts really well. I cannot say anything bad about it.

Evil Queen Lipstick in 'Toxic Tale'
This lippy is actually a fair bit brighter than the picture suggests. It is a lovely, corally bright red which probably would be a little too vibrant for some people. On me it doesn't show up as corally as I would like, but I'm still really happy with it. If you follow me on twitter I posted a picture of me wearing it, to give you an idea.

Cruella Lipstick in 'Innocence, Beware!'
Innocence, Beware! is probably my least favourite of the three I bought. I think it's purely because I'm not really a 'nude' person. I think it washes out my lips and doesn't really change the colour of them enough to warrant forking out £13 for it. I know some people love this lippy, and maybe I just need to experiment with it a little more, but right now I am really wishing I had bought the rather dramatic Violetta lipstick from the Malificent range instead!

Maleficent Nail Laquer in 'Bad Fairy' and 'Mean and Green'

Mean and Green

Bad Fairy

I was really excited about these nail polishes, purely because from the swatches I had seen they looked amazing - gorgeous duo-chrome polishes. Don't get me wrong, they are pretty amazing, but Bad Fairy isn't quite as brilliant as I thought it would be. I just can't see the duo-chrome effect with it, and although the colour is still lovely, I think I could have found a very similar polish elsewhere, for a lot cheaper. I am really impressed with Mean and Green as it DOES have the green and purple duo-chrome effect, and I think it encompasses the character of Malificent perfectly. Something that I did find very disappointing, however, is the fact the polishes do not have the beautiful Disney packaging which I love - they just look like normal MAC polishes.

Overall I am really pleased with the majority of the things I bought from MAC's latest collection. As bad as it sounds I am still tempted to buy more, even though I've bought far too much already! What do you think to Venomous Villains? Have you purchased anything from the collection?