Monday, 15 November 2010

A big thank you giveaway!! [CLOSED]

A few weeks ago I reached 300 followers. For me this is an absolute huge achievement and I cannot thank you all enough for reading and commenting on my posts, it means such a lot to me to hear that you enjoy my posts and I love hearing from you all. I must thank Ariel for featuring me on her fabulous blog, as I'm sure it contributed to gaining all my lovely new followers :) if you haven't seen her blog already, please take a look - she's lovely.

To say a huge THANK YOU to you all for being so supportive of my blog, I have decided to do my first ever give away. I've been meaning to pop this post up for about a few weeks now, but the past few weeks have been extremely hectic/stressful and I've unfortunately not had a chance.

I ummed and ahhed over what I could possibly give away, and I was drawn to the beautiful Christmas giftsets in Boots. I've been particularly impressed with the 17 sets this year, and so decided on a nail polish set and a set of eye shadow trios. I also picked up a GORGEOUS pretty pink lipstick from No 7 (I picked up one for myself too; I thought it would be rude not to!)

Here they are in their full glory:

17 Nail Library (includes 2 High Gloss , 2 Lasting Fix & 5 Fast Finish Nail Polishes)

17 Eye Shadow Trio (includes three beautiful eye shadow trios)

No. 7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in Mischief
To enter the give away you must:

♥ Be a follower of my blog
♥ Post a comment telling me something about yourself - just for fun and so I get to know the people who read my blog a little better :)
♥ Include your email address so I can contact you if you win!
♥ One entry per person, however feel free to tweet about the giveaway for an extra entry, and post another seperate comment linking your tweet, so that I can count you as two entries!
♥ The give away is only open to those in the UK (sorry!)
♥ The give away closes Monday 29th November at 9pm
♥ The winner will be chosen at random

Thank you all SO much once again, and good luck to everyone who enters! :) xxxx


  1. I love acting and drama - just a random little fact!
    I'm a follower!
    And my e-mail:
    I tweeted about your giveaway with @hannahvickers so it would be in your mentions.
    Great prizes :)

  2. gorgeous prizes!
    enter me :D
    something about me? hmm i really love taking photographs even though i don't see being a photographer in my future! and i work at a egg packing farm where i pack eggs for asda! haha random fact :)

  3. Ooh, this is a lovely giveaway from such a lovely blog (: I follow your blog. Something about myself? I have weird ribs which mean I can breathe out real far and make myself look pregnant. It means I can always get seats on public transport ;)

  4. Ohh this is amazing!
    Enter me please!
    Hmm.. something about myself?
    I want to be a beauty journalist, and your blog kinda helped me decide that! :)
    So thankyou! :)

  5. Ohh lovely give away! Congrats on the followers...i love your blog, you do some great posts!
    Something about myself, errmm...i'm really small! I'm only 5ft. =). When i meet someone new this is always the first thing they say to me "wow you're small!" so i figured it would be a good first thing to tell you about me!

    My email is
    Much love, Stephanie xx

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  7. What a generous giveaway! You deserve each and every follower!

    Random fact about me....I have really round cheeks and my friends call me Moomin! Haha!

    My email is

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  9. Ooo well done on all the followers :)
    Enter me please
    I still dont know what I want to do with my life i dont think i ever will

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  11. Hiya, enter me please :) Random fact? I've got my driving test tomorrow. Argh!
    Loving your blog by the way xx

  12. Fact: Purple Skittles Are AMAZING! :)
    Woaah,I Love The Make-up!
    *Finegrs Crossed* <3 xxx

  13. lovely giveaway!
    Enter me please.
    Random fact? i have a slight crush on simon cowell. Haha.

  14. Lovely giveaway, enter me pleaseeee :)
    I hate these sort of questions, ummm... I can touch my nose with my tongue but I can't roll my tongue... about as interesting as it gets I'm afraid!

  15. love the giveaway hun. fingers crossed i win (would like to try those eyeshadows). already a follower of the blog..! ♥ something about me: hmmm... i've never had a filling? thats boring! ohh - actually i've got a good one... my mum and dad met one day in hospital when my dad was about 11.. he had fallen asleep under a sun lamp and burnt his entire face, and almost died, and all the children in the area used to visit him (bit of a freakshow!) because his face was like a burnt pie crust... all blackened! and thats the first time my mum met my dad! :)


    my email address is:!

    adele xoxo

  16. Hi pls enter me :)

    RANDOM FACT- I am a non identical twin

    my email is

    i follow via GFC

    tyvm xxxx

  17. Please enter me. Congrats on 300!!!
    Random Fact: I have been a vegetarian for 16 years!

  18. I also tweeted about the giveaway under the name @funnyfaceblog


  19. What a lovely giveaway!
    Random facts about me?
    I am nearly finished training to be a nurse, I spent 14 months travelling Australia and Asia, and I love sausage dogs!

    Anna x

  20. Congrats girlie! ♥
    A little random fact about me is that I'm way to forgiving!

    Contact me -

    Thanks Lovely!

  21. Great giveaway and congrats on reaching 300 followers!

    Something about myself, umm, I'm currently training to become a Beauty Therapist and absolutely love it!

    My email is:

    I'm just about to tweet about your giveaway, my Twitter name is Terri_L_A_Tidy

    Terri, xoxo

  22. Not an entry but just wanted to thank you for mentioning me and give you a huge congrats on reaching way over 300 now :) xxxx

  23. Enter me please.

    A random fact: I broke my ankle years back and now I have one foot slightly bigger than the other.


  24. i love drawing things in the condensation in windows and i love having autumn leave fights.

    enter me please xxx


  25. and i tweeted about the giveaway (it's in your mentions) im audreysbible

  26. Enter me please :) im leanne (brunette1652) on twitter :P i follow you :) this is a great giveaway!i am loving looking forward to xmas im sooo excited :)

  27. Congratulations on your blog... just stumbled upon it and its delightful :) That Collection 2000 lipstick is gorgeous, going to have a look at it tomorrow!

    Random fact about me... Well I am also called Hannah :) And at the moment I am loving pretty pink colours for lips and cheeks :) xoxox


  28. Congratulation!
    A random fact about me hmmm ... I like the fall leaves when they are all crunchy :)x

    :) x

  29. Congrats!

    I'm a identical twin, we both blog together!

  30. Congratulations on the followers :).
    I'm Emma am currently doing a foundation degree at college and hope to do Fashion and Textiles at Uni next year :). I also love taking photographs.


  31. Congratulations on 300 subcribers! thats amazing.
    Random fact about me... my favourite eyeshadow has to be mac all that glitters!

    laura x

  32. hey. enter me please! :D
    my hair colour's ginger :L

  33. Congrats!
    Enter me please!
    I'm only 4'11 tall. Its annoying at times but i think if i were taller, i wouldn't be me :)

  34. enter me please!

    one fact? I have most adorable baby in the world! he'll be 2 in January :)

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  36. I can't enter the giveaway cause i am not living in the UK though i posted a post about your giveaway at my blog
    you can see here:

  37. enter me please :)
    a fact about me is that i'm in first year at uni studying molecular genetics and i always have to explain what that is when i'm asked about what i do.

  38. I have one foot slightly bigger than the other, after breaking my ankle.


  39. Enter Me Please :D

    My Amazing Fact Is That I Am A Fabulous Farmer



  40. enter me please :)

    i had an operation on the 14th october which meant they had to break my thigh bone, rotate my leg 35degrees outwards, then plate it with 6 screws, pretty right? haha :)


  41. enter me hun! :)

    my random fact: I've got a little notebook that I've carried around with me for about a year now, just incase I get inspired!

    I've tweeted you too (@lucyalicejerrom)

    love, xo

  42. Enter Me

    I am a very indisisive (is that how you spell it??) person!!

    Love the blog

  43. Enter me =]
    I am a journalism & graphic student with dreams of getting heavily involved in the press, especially where travel features are concerned. I've had my Livejournal blog since 2003 but I'm relatively new to Blogger!


  44. Please may i be entered?
    i am a follower :)
    im doing my A levels in my first year at college :)
    && :)
    & i live in the UK :D
    thank you!

  45. Enter me :D I follow via GFC as SkellyBones :)
    I'm currently taking my A Levels and one day want to be a Game Concept Artist! One day I'd like to live in America (after all it's where the most game jobs are, plus it'd be an amazing experience!)

  46. hey please enter mee!!

    im madly in love with JLS constantly listen to them CONSTANTLY on repeat! LOL

    my email address is

    thanks x

  47. Lovely stuff!
    Something about myself is that I currently have Scarlet Fever :(! and I am a huge Editors fan!


  48. I love this blog! :)
    im currently searching for a party dress for the xmas do and having a mooch around blogs at the same time :)
    thank you :) xx

  49. Hi,I love Cheryl Cole and dance and I'm always looking out for new blogs because I hat having no new blog posts to read
    thank you

  50. Enter me please :)
    Something about me is that even though I've wanted to work in film when I leave school for the past 5 years, I've only just started to tell people as I was always afraid they'd laugh at me as it's such a hard industry to get into! Silly I know haha ! xx


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