Let it Snow

Monday, 29 November 2010

Hey girlies, no make up reviews today, just a little update/life in general post for you :)

Over the weekend where I live has been snowing almost constantly, it's been so exciting! I'm just like a little kid when it comes to things like this, I had to take the day off uni today as the roads were so bad and so spent the day playing in the snow with Rory and my niece and nephew; we went sledging and had a great time.

It's Rory's first ever snow and I think he loves it, he was a little unsure about it at first, but absolutely loved frolicking around in the garden, running in circles, he makes me laugh! I took him out this morning, but it was so cold I had to wrap him up warm. He's such a little dog so he always needs to wear his coat when I take him out, it's bright blue and he looks so cute in it! I have a feeling I may need to invest in a few more wintry things to keep him wrapped up warm in with the weather the way it is!

Me and my boyfriend went to our friend's wedding on Saturday, and again, it was snowing. I'd been panicking about what to wear but went for this absolutely gorgeous dress teamed with some thick black tights, black wedge heels and a faux fur jacket. The dress isn't something I'd wear usually, but I felt amazing in it, and it's such a beautiful colour. We had a fab time at the wedding, it was a picture-perfect Christmas card scene and all the photos we took came out beautifully. I know weddings are usually associated with summer, but there was something really special about it being so snowy and pretty!

Right now I'm focusing on keeping warm, and am also compiling a little Christmas list, as my family have been asking me what I want and it IS less than a month until the big day. So far I've got these lovely loafers (which I tweeted about last week) on there, along with this Peter Pan collar dress - yes I know I'm behind with the Peter Pan thing but I've always loved it, just wasn't sure if I could pull it off. The dresses remind me of the sort I used to wear when I was little, ah nostalgia! I also LOVE the Autumnal rusty colour of it. Want want want.

Lastly, my 300 followers giveaway ends tonight at 9! Make sure to enter if you haven't already!

Did everyone have a good weekend? Have you had much snow where you live?