Update :)

Monday, 22 November 2010

I was going to do a proper post today but I thought I'd do a little update instead, as I didn't get home until five and it was far too dark to take any photographs! I really want to be able to update my blog every day/every other day but with uni work it's impossible at the minute - I have so many deadlines coming up at the moment it's unreal! I have a couple of day's off this week though so hope to get lots of proper posts done!

I had a really good weekend, me and my boyfriend went to see the new Harry Potter film on Saturday and it was AMAZING. I have always been a complete and utter Harry Potter obsessive so I just HAD to go and see it. I've been re-reading the book to prepare for it (the geek I am) which I think helped as I'd forgotten a lot! I definitely recommend going to see it if you haven't already - I'd love to say more but don't want to spoil it!

On Sunday I had a really lazy day, which mostly consisted of lounging around the house with my dog Rory. He's gotten so mischievous recently! If anything, and I mean anything, is lying around on the floor/in his reach he grabs it and runs off with it, looking SO pleased with himself. I absolutely adore him though - he's 7 months old now and so much bigger than he was, although he's still tiny!

I ordered my first Graze box and it arrived on Tuesday - I'm really impressed with it. All of the snacks I received are really healthy as well as being delicious (I especially liked the tomato and pesto focaccia). I've seen lots of posts featuring Graze boxes, so you've probably heard about them already, but if not I really recommend trying them. I got my first one for free and you can too by using my code: VQGRMM63 at www.graze.com

Right now I'm just about to snuggle up and watch one of my (many) favourite films, Finding Nemo. I had it on DVD when it first came out but I lost it years ago, so I ordered another copy last week and it arrived today. I am such a Disney fanatic it's unreal, I just don't think any other films compare!

Lastly I want to thank Lily for featuring my give away on her blog, and say hello to all my new followers! If you haven't entered my give away yet, please do - there's a week left!

How was everyone's weekend? Hope you're all ok!