A little outfit of the night post :)

Monday, 20 December 2010

Sorry I haven't post much lately (again) I have finnnnally finished uni for Christmas and so hope to update a lot more! I thought I'd do a little outfit post, sorry the pictures aren't that great but I rushed out in a hurry, and therefore didn't have time for tripods etc!

I went out with some friends on Saturday night for the first time in ages. They were all back from uni and it was great to have a catch up and dance the night away, whilst revelling in the excitement of Christmas! Here's what I wore (I realise I have a really bad fake-tanned hand, it didn't look that bad in real life, honest!):

Dress: Oasis
Clutch: New Look
Black Wedge Shoes: New Look
Tights (x3 - it was COLD) - Primark

I'm absolutely in love with the Oasis dress. It's such a beautiful colour, and I adore the floaty arms it has. Unfortunately as it was -8 degrees I had to put a rather thick coat on to go out as I'm not one for braving the cold at the best of times. I also LOVE my New Look wedges; surprisingly easy to walk in, even in the ice and snow!
I wore my Salon Confidential extensions again, I find it so much easier using them than having to style my hair - it takes me about an hour to curl my hair so whacking these in saves a lot of time!

In other news, can you BELIEVE how close to Christmas it is? It feels a bit strange, like it's crept up so quickly and I'm not sure if I'm ready for it! Me and my mum went to our town's Christmas market yesterday and had a nice time perusing the various stalls, getting in the spirit of things! Is everyone ready for Christmas? I only just finished wrapping everything up yesterday, such a relief to have it done! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend :)