Scrabble Jewellery Love

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I about a week or so ago I purchased a fabulous scrabble ring off Victoria from VIPXO, a fellow blogger who has started making and selling these beauties for a mere £4! I'd seen these for sale before on websites such as Rock n Rose, but for a lot more money, so as soon as I saw these I had to have one. I think they're adorable and seem to be very en vogue at the minute... I love anything a bit quirky so this ring was right up my street!

I've literally been wearing mine almost every day since I got it, I love it that much. I think the fact it's just a 'H' as well makes it more special to me as that was my nickname when I was younger haha (before H from Steps came about, thank you very much!). If you would like to purchase just one go to Victoria's blog for her contact details :) - she makes bracelets too!

What do you think to scrabble rings/jewellery? Will you be purchasing one of these little creations?