Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Sparkly, beautiful bargains

Hello lovelies, hope everyone is okay and all set for Christmas! Yesterday I spent the day shopping with my friends for some last minute gifts. Inevitably this resulted in me treating myself! I only bought a couple of things but I had a great time nonetheless. I also managed to grab some fabulously sparkly bargains in the form of these little beauties...

I saw them in one of the brand boutiques/concessions sections of House of Fraser; I've never heard of the brand 'Touch' before, but I fell in love with these beautiful sparkling creatures and was desperate to get my hands on them. I absolutely adore anything sparkly, but my heart leaps a little when I see anything sparkly that resembles an animal/creature of some sort. I don't know what it is, but animal/insect jewellery really appeals to me, I think it's so pretty!

Ladybug ring: £2.25 (originally £4.50)

Cute Bird Ring: £3.25 (originally £6.50)

Insect Bracelet: £2.20 (originally £5)

Elephant Ring: £4 (originally £8)

Then when I saw the prices, I fell in love even more. The prices were fantastic anyway, with necklaces for £6, earrings for £5 etc., but when I saw they were all half price (some even less than half price!) I thought Christmas had come early!

I think the cute little birdies ring is absolutely adorable as well as being quite unusual - I've never seen a ring like it before anyway! I ummed and ahhed over the insect bracelet and a necklace very similar, but decided the necklace was perhaps a tad 'too much' and went for the bracelet instead. I began frantically searching for my size as soon as I saw the elephant ring - it is absolutely stunning and I couldn't believe I'd found such a beauty! I left the shop extremely happy and with only £11.70 less on me.

What do you all think to my purchases? Do you like glitzy/animal jewellery or do you prefer something a little different?


  1. The bird ring is lovely!xx

  2. Absolutely love the bird ring.
    It reminds me of Marc Jacobs style of jewellery.
    I haven't heard of the brand before but deff will be checking it out now :)
    I blog all about jewellery, I just don't think it is blogged about enough!
    I hope you can have a look
    enjoy sparkling with these beauties over Christmas!

  3. You got some great bargains there! x

  4. I love bargains! That bird ring is so cute :)
    Miss Selfridge always have amazing buys during their sales :)

    Kaushal xx

  5. I adore the charm bracelet, i've never seen one like that before, it's so unique! xx

  6. I love everything you got! The bird ring and charm bracelet are gorgeous :) xx

  7. half price - they are indeed bargains x

  8. How cute is the bird ring :) So gorgeous. I do like Ellie too, he may be a bit too ott on the sparkly front for me personally though.
    I do love rings so very much, and necklaces, and all types of pretty glitzy things that I can hang upon my self. hehe
    I too am bad for buying a little gift for me while xmas shopping- opps! We have to look good too though, right? ;)

  9. they're gorgeous! great bargains. i love the animal/insect theme!


  10. Ahh I'm going through a ring fetish and that elephant one needs to be added to my collection asap!


  11. ohhh great glittering finds but i must admit that bird ring is my fav !

  12. These are all STUNNING! I adore that bird ring! :) xx

  13. Ooh, I've never heard of 'Touch' before but these look oh so good! Absolute bargains too (: I love glitzy animal jewellery. Especially anything to do with owls!

  14. these are adorable, congrats on the great bargain! :D i love the bird ring, so cute! and the elephants lovely :) xo

  15. love the cute bird ring! :) x

  16. Love them! Really quriky and unique :D,xx

  17. these are lovely! i'll keep an eye out!
    there is a similar bird ring in new look but plain silver which i was going to get but my fingers/hands are tiny and it was too big ;(
    love your blog!
    merry christmas!


  18. What gorgeous jewellery!!
    I love anything sparkly, and animal like. And what a bargain!


  19. I love the Ladybug ring,so cute!!

  20. The bird ring is so pretty! I am loving split rings at the moment, Asos have one with angel wings either side. xo


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