Handbag Woes

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Recently I've felt a little 'stuck in a rut' when it comes to my handbag collection. Alas, there are no fancy designer handbags here, but a mish-mash of several high street stores, with a Pauls Boutique or two thrown in along the way. But I feel I have grown out of my Pauls Boutique/leopard print bag/slouchy Primark satchel phase and I am looking for something a little more grown-up. What I am currently lusting after desperately, is a 'classic', 'timeless' handbag in which I can use everyday, no matter what the outfit. As much as I would love to be able to fork out on a Mulberry Roxanne or Alexa, I do not have the cash and I also do not wear real leather. This is purely a personal choice of mine. This is where my problem really lies - there seem to be very few truely 'timeless' bags out there that are not made of the leather stuff. However, I stumbled across a couple of Marc B bags on the Topshop website a few days ago, which immediately caught my attention. No, they are by no means my 'perfect bag'. I would ideally like something with pockets (okay so I want a non-leather Mulberry Roxanne, we can all dream) but these are the only bags I can seem to find which catch my eye. What do you think? Which one do you prefer? I am honestly not at all sure about either, but there is something enticing me in. 

The Lana Bag 

The Cleo Bag

Both bags retail around the £50 mark which I think is reasonable enough, if they are decent quality. I have never purchased a Marc B bag before and therefore have no experience with them - have any of you ladies? I would love to know if the quality matches up to their pretty appearance. Or, if you have seen any similar bags which scream 'grown-up' then please let me know. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday evening!