My jewellery addiction...

Friday, 1 April 2011

I'm going to admit to something. I have a bit of an addiction - to jewellery, that is. I'm not sure when it started or how it came about but it's definitely something I really can't ever resist buying - I love anything cute, girly or quirky when it comes to jewellery (being sparkly helps too, of course). The thing is, it's becoming a bit of a problem. I mean, there's only so much jewellery a girl can have, right? (I tell a lie, I don't agree with this statement at all - a girl can NEVER have too much jewellery).

My issue is, predominantly, where I put all of this jewellery (I'm not talking expensive jewels by the way, as much as I'd love to tell you I own half of Tiffany & Co, unfortunately, I do not). Chunky River Island bangles, Topshop earrings and Primark necklaces clutter my dressing table which usually results in an almighty knot of tangled jewellery. I thought I'd solved my problems when I bought a beautiful little jewellery stand from a local boutique, but sadly not, it sits sorrowfully on my dresser, drowning in jewellery with a mass of tangled necklaces at its feet. 
I have, however, found a useful way of storing my beloved earrings. They sit neatly side by side (most of the time) in a pretty little floral tray on my dressing table. I do worry about what will happen when I (inevitably) purchase more earrings, which won't fit on my pretty little tray. I suppose I'll have to come up with another idea on how to store them then!
Instead of blaming myself and my lack of self-restraint when it comes to buying jewellery for my ever-growing collection, I am going to blame Primark. Yep, I said it. I'll be honest, although I do own pretty jewellery from Topshop and River Island (amongst other places) I know for a fact that the majority of it comes from one place and one place alone; Primark. Whenever I go in there I cannot resist buying one, two, three, four items of jewellery. Why? Because it's so CHEAP. I can go into Topshop and spend a tenner on something I'd get in Primark for £2. I mean, it's common sense really. I always, without fail, find a piece of jewellery I really, really like whenever I go in. I honestly think Primark is one of the best places to buy AFFORDABLE jewellery on the highstreet. As much as I adore the treasure trove that is Accessorize, I do find myself discovering clones of their beautiful pieces in Primark. The only downside to this is of course Primark's quality isn't the best - I have had several 'Oh crap my necklace just fell to bits' moments due to Primark jewellery, but for the price I'm not going to complain. Therefore I think my jewellery spending spree in Primark a couple of days ago was completely justified...
I'm SO happy with everything I got. I know, I'm only feeding the addiction, but Primark has some beautiful pieces in at the minute that I really couldn't say no to. Am I alone in my jewellery addiction? What do you think to Primark's range of jewellery?