What's in my bag?

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Union Jack Accessorize purse, Cat Accessorize camera bag (with Canon Ixus 15 inside), Paperchase Butterfly Diary, my keys with a plethora of pretty keyrings, 'The Single Girl's To Do List' by Lindsey Kelk, Dettol Hygiene Gel, H & M cupcake lipbalm, Next Leopard Diamante pen, Mini Lola Rose perfume, Cath Kidston mirror, Extra chewing gum, Ipod Touch (with Paperchase case and Accessorize earphones) H & M make up bag, my Blackberry

If there's one thing I absolutely love doing, it's reading 'What's in my bag?' posts and watching videos of the same title. There is something really satisfying about seeing the contents of a person's bag, and I for one adore seeing what pretty things people keep in their day-to-day handbags. I used to be a very much 'bung some cash in my pocket and go' kind of girl, but as the years have gone by I've become attached to carrying around lots of bits and bobs and thought I'd show you the contents of my bag! Some people might find this utterly boring (apologies) but I hope you enjoy delving into my bag and having a look around! 

As for my actual handbag, I've wanted to do a post on it forever but never got round to it until now. I got it from Zara a few months ago, for around the £25 mark. I adore this bag - I'd been on the hunt for a 'classic' or 'timeless' bag for ages and although this one isn't what everyone would call 'timeless', it is so ridiculously me and I love it. It's a duffle bag (one I'm not usually accustomed to owning) and has so many cute little details (a pretty tassle, a cute little coin purse attached AND I just HAD to show you the 'Don't forget your keys!!!' ribbon that is attached to the inside; adorable. 

Do you enjoy reading 'What's in my bag?' posts? Do you like to carry around lots or are you a more 'phone keys cash' kind of girl?