My Magical 21st in Disneyland Paris - Part 2

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Here is the second lot of photographs from my trip to Disneyland. Like I said, I took rather a lot whilst I was there and thought I would share some of the best ones with you. I can't recommend going to Disneyland enough, I was quite spoilt growing up and we went almost every year for my birthday (I was, and still am, a Disney-obsessive) and I was once lucky enough to have a birthday breakfast with the Disney characters! It was nice to get away now I'm a bit more 'grown up' (I use this term VERY lightly) and get a chance to go on some of the bigger rides, as well as show my boyfriend around as he's NEVER been before (shock horror!) I think he really enjoyed it, and came to realise that it is definitely not just for children. We saw a lot of couples wandering around whilst we were there, and it really is a very romantic and pretty setting to spend a few days in. Yes, it's certainly chaotic at times, but the magic and Disney-ness of it all definitely makes up for that. We stayed in one of the Disney hotels (the Wild West themed one), and I definitely think it is worth doing if you can afford it - the free shuttle bus to the parks is literally a 2 minute trip and you're at the magic. Our hotel also had cute little extras like pony rides (I really wanted to go on one but my boyfriend told me off) and meet-and-greets with the characters which were really nice. I'm hoping that one day me and my boyfriend will take a trip to Florida, to see what it's like there, as I know everyone raves about how amazing it is. The guaranteed weather certainly tempts me anyway! I can definitely feel the post-Disneyland blues setting in now I'm back home - there really is no place quite like Disneyland!