St Moriz Lotion

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

As you will all know, I am a big fan of fake tan, and in particular, the brand St Moriz. I have tried countless fake tans, and always seem to come back to this brand. For years I have been religiously using the original St Moriz mousse - I absolutely adore the colour it gives, and how well it lasts, as well as how foolproof it is to apply. However, the only thing that stops me from absolutely being head over heels in love with the mousse, is that it is just AWFUL when it comes to patchiness. It fades very unevenly, leaves my skin crackly and, for want of a better word, scaly. It is also a nightmare to scrub off - so you are left with skin like this for a fair few days, maybe even a week, before the scaliness subsides.

When I heard St Moriz had FINALLY brought out a lotion version of the mousse, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. From my own experience with lotion fake tans, I have found them to be a lot less drying, and fade a lot more evenly, leaving no scaliness and nasty patches. The St Moriz lotion is no different. It is very dark on first application, and applies beautifully - I honestly have never had such ease applying a fake tan before, and whereas with the Xen Tan lotion I had nothing but problems applying, this lotion makes it effortless. I am the kind of person that can sometimes get in a bit of a stress applying fake tan - it doesn't go on properly, bunches up on my skin, or just will NOT rub in - this, however, is a dream to apply. It just sinks into my skin beautifully and makes it a pleasure to use. I'd say once the colour is washed off, it is pretty much the same shade as the mousse; a lovely, golden, natural-looking tan. I'd also say is lasts a day or two longer than the mousse, and the thing that I love so much about it is that it fades so well, leaves very little patchiness (and NO scales whatsoever) and scrubs off really easily (I'm no longer rubbing my skin red raw to get excess tan off -result). It is the same price as the original mousse (£2.99), but in my opinion is much, much better. The only thing I will say, is that I found the bottle doesn't perhaps last as long as the mousse, which is pretty much always the case with lotions. I don't mind though, as £2.99 really isn't much to pay for a gorgeous, flawless tan. Thumbs up for St Moriz lotion!

What is your favourite fake tan? Have you tried St Moriz's lotion?