Tuesday, 18 October 2011

New Boots

With winter well on its way, I've accumulated a few new pairs of boots to keep me set up for the cold coming months. For some reason, I've never really been that much of a boot person. I'm not entirely sure why; I've always envied the girls who stomp around happily in their high-heeled boots, but they just never seemed right for me. This year, however, I've been falling in love with them. There seems to be a huge amount of beautiful boots out there at the minute, particularly from places like Topshop and New Look. The first pair, I spied in New Look a few weeks ago, fell in love and then decided I'd never wear them. A few weeks later, they reduce them to £19.99, slap 20% off student discount on top and I cannot resist. These boots are simply stunning; anything leopard print has my seal of approval, and add to that the chunky heel and faux suede material and you can't go wrong. I wore them last weekend when I went out for a meal and felt amazing in them. Can't really complain for £15.99!

The second pair have been doing the rounds on a lot of blogs lately, mainly because they are basically a cheaper alternative to the infamous Topshop Allegra boots. I saw them on Asos a few weeks ago, after they'd originally been on the River Island website (and consequently sold out) and couldn't risk them selling out again. They were £40 and aren't real leather, which is great for me as I don't wear leather! The heel is a great size, they are so comfortable and I think they go with almost any outfit. I wasn't sure at first, but I can definitely see me getting a lot of wear out of these this winter.

Finally, the last pair were a cheeky purchase in the Dorothy Perkins sale. I've been looking for a pair of floral boots like these for absolutely ages; I know Topshop did some a while back, which I absolutely adored, but they were made of real leather and so I refused to buy them. Along comes Dorothy Perkins and answers my prayers with a beautiful faux-leather pair that were a measly £15 in the sale. They are so 'me' and I'm so pleased I got them. They also do a different version with red and gold leaves on, which I also think will be great for the coming months! 

Have you been investing in lots of winter boots this season? What do you think to mine?


  1. i love getting boots for winter, yours are lovely. had my eye on those floral dotty p ones, might have to get them now!

    my sister just bought the second pair, but doesn't fit them so i bought them off her hahah. love!

    beth xo
    ramz and the flock

  2. Ahhhh I love them all. The leopard print ones just edge it for me. Always a bit of a sucker for animal print.

  3. Urm, can I come borrow your boot wardrobe please? I love boots, but binned pretty much all of them, leaving me with only like 4 pairs.. sad times right?!
    I love the first, for something different and the second are gorgeous aswell! The third are too cute, I'd wear them in the summer! x

  4. You have amazing taste in shoes, I love all three pairs! I'm thinking of getting some like the second pair but can't quite make up my mind :P x

  5. Absolutely love all three pairs - especially the leopard print ones, can't go wrong with a bit of leopard print! ;) x

  6. I really want the Topshop boots - but I'm quite small so unsure whether I will be able to pull them off...hope so!


    Em xx

  7. I love the first one the cheetah or the leopard? anyway they are sooo pretty :P

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  8. Oh I lover them all :) How pretty your feet will look xx

  9. Ahh those leopard prints boots are great! I have the tan version of the RI chelsea boots - I actually prefer them to the Topshop ones. They're comfier and not as high. Great buys!


  10. Lovvvvee the leopard print ones so much! I need to get myself some, maybe in wedge form for nights out! xx

  11. New look really have got some fab footwear out there at the moment!


  12. i am sooo in love with those leopard print boots! x

  13. I need some new boots this winter, can't wait to go shopping for some! I really like your leopard print ones! x

  14. Oh, Hannah, i love a good shoe post! Love them all esp the floral pair - i'm addicted to florals! xxx

  15. I have the leopard print ones too! Can't wait to wear them out.
    The last pair are so cute!

  16. I totally agree with those RI Chelsea Boots ;) haha x

  17. I love the first pair! Gah! I just bought a new pair! I love your blog! Its so fun, Heres mine:


  18. so jealous they are all lovely ! boots are a must in the winter ! I would love you to take a peek at my blog

  19. I have the first one leopard ones from New Look and everyone compliments on them! X


  20. Perfect boots for this coming winter season. I love it. :)

  21. All of your purchases are awesome.. but i have to say the leopard boots are killin me =) They are so goergeus! Thanks for sharing!

    I love your blog !


  22. I love boots, they're my favourite shoe to buy, so much so that my mum is trying to put me on a boot ban :) xx

  23. haha I love getting prepared for winter, but I sadly don't enjoy the cold much lol T-T lovely shoes though, so cute!

  24. I love those leopard print boots!

    Also, Peacocks have reduced some pretty floral boots similar to these ones down to £9.00, plus they're doing 20% student discount.

    I just picked some lovely chelsea boots up from there today for a measly £10.40, which I have done a blog post on if anybody wants to see them :)

    Just a heads up because they have some really nice boots for super cheap prices :)

    Frances x

  25. oo the second pair are my favourite! I've found the perfect knee high pair but the ankle pair I picked up, I'm not loving :/


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