Models Own Glitter Polishes Trio

Monday, 7 November 2011

I've been on the lookout for Models Own Juicy Jules for absolutely ages - I remember seeing someone blog about it a while back, and I was immediately entranced by its beautiful, almost holographic sparkle. Of course, I searched high and low, at every Boots store within my reach, to no avail. I obviously wasn't the only one after some of the Juicy Jules sparkle.

I had almost given up on my quest to find the ever illusive Juicy Jules when I stumbled across this sparkly set of three in River Island. As soon as I saw Juicy Jules sitting snuggly between the other two glittery polishes, I had to have it. And the best bit? It was only a tenner! Considering the polishes cost £5 separately this is really good value for money. The other two polishes are Thunder & Lightening and Pink Fizz - I've always liked the look of Pink Fizz so I'm really glad it's in this set. 

Am I impressed with the polishes? Yes, I absolutely love them. They've definitely reignited my love for glitter polishes, as much as a pain they are to get off (I actually use this to get mine off easily and find it works so well, definitely worth checking out) they look so good when on. I wore Juicy Jules the other day and I received so many compliments, and found it lasted really well too. I absolutely adore how Pink Fizz looks on, seriously impressed with its thick, chunky glitter. Thunder & Lightening is definitely my least favourite of the three, it reminds me of Topshop's Gypsy Night but isn't quite as pretty. Overall I'm really pleased with the polishes and think they will be absolutely perfect for Christmas.

What do you think to Models Own's glittery polishes? Which is your favourite?