Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentines Glossybox and Glossybox for Men!

I was sent this month's special Valentines Glossybox last week, so thought I would pop a little review up of it, along with the men's Glossybox I received a bit ago. Think of it as a kind of Valentines 'His and Hers' Glossybox review if you like! 

I was really impressed once again by Glossybox this month. I love that with special occasions come special boxes, and this BRIGHT pink box was right up my street! I also loved the little Glossybox sweet as a cute finishing touch. The products in this month's box were a really good selection, with some really reputable brands in there. I love that Clarins made an appearance, it's a brand I've always wanted to try although I'm a little disappointed that they're anti-wrinkle products, but of course they have to cater for a lot of different people, so I've given those to my mum and I think she's really impressed with them. Considering full size they cost over £40 you can't really complain! It was nice to see the new re-branded Eyeko in there as well, their 'Skinny Eyeliner' is very fancy with a really long silver handle (that I didn't really see the point of, but apparently it's for when you sharpen it down), although I'm slightly gutted I got emerald green, I would have preferred black or the pale pink I know a few people got. I haven't tried the Murad primer yet but I'm looking forward to using it, Murad is a brand I've heard great things about so I'm hoping it'll be good! Also love the body moisturiser, I have really dry skin at the minute so it's just what I needed!

Overall I'm really impressed with this month's Glossybox, and think the Valentines theme with the little cute finishing touches made it extra special!

A while ago I was sent the Glossybox for Men, which I gave to my soon-to-be brother-in-law to try out. The box is the same concept as the original Glossybox, apart from that it caters for men and instead of being a monthly subscription, comes every three months. 

I thought it would be good for my sister's fiancĂ© to try as they're getting married in the next few months, and of course appearance is everything when it comes to weddings! He tried all of the products and was impressed with all of them, although he wasn't too keen on the YSL scents, but I guess that's just personal preference. He thought the idea was really good, and would probably be perfect for a busy man who doesn't have much time to invest in new products. He also thought it was great for someone like him with a big event coming up, to try out new products and focus more on grooming, as not every man thinks too much about trying new grooming products.

Overall I think both Glossyboxes are a fantastic idea and I'm really impressed with the Valentines Glossybox. Did you receive a Glossybox this month? What did you think? 


  1. I've been keen to try GlossyBox for a while, i might give it a go - all the items seem really good!x

  2. I love glossybox. best box ever in my opinion, and it's the only beauty box i've stuck with (shock,horror!) but yes, i love the valentines glossybox edition-especially the murad primer!

  3. I would like to subscribe to one of these boxes but I don't know which one and I would be worried that the box i get would be crap and I would be disappointed xx

  4. I love the box and its so cute for valentines day!

  5. The mens glossybox is such a good idea! I wish I'd heard of it sooner, I may have got my boyfriend a subscription for valentines day! xxx

  6. The box is really fitting for valentine's day, love the pink! Really need a new eyeliner, might try out the eyeko one x

  7. I really want to subscribe to a beauty box but with the ver expanding choice I just can't choose!

    take a peak at my blog<3

    Project Rattlebag


  8. My Valentines Glossybox was similar to yours, some lovely items you got! Ooooh, the Glossybox for men looks nice, glad to know that he was impressed with all but one! xx

  9. All these items seem fun! I just subscribed for glossybox, excited for my first one next month! :)

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  11. Wow, the boxes are really pretty and I must say, the inside looks great as well! Nice!

    XXX Camilla //

  12. such pretty things!


  13. I love Glossybox! :D

    Pretty blog, by the way :)


  14. I liked the packing of the glossybox.The box is really fitting for valentine's day, love the pink!


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