Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Bad Blogger

Cropped Tee: Topshop 
Cardigan: New Look
Floral Jeans: Spinning Wheel
Brogues: George @ Asda
Jewellery: H&M

It would appear it's been a week since I last posted - I swear I'm getting back into blogging but I seem to be taking my time with it! I have so many posts I need to write, it's just having the time to do it! I'm devoting my evenings this week to getting back on track though so I'm hoping I'll have a fair few more posts coming up in the very near future! I feel like such a bad blogger!

I've been attempting to get the lighting etc. of my outfit posts improved - I'm still a complete novice when it comes to photography (despite studying it at college, eep) but I'm also a biiiig perfectionist so I get really annoyed when things aren't 100% right! Being a blogger can be so frustrating sometimes. As you can see from this outfit post, my wall decided to magically change colour whilst taking photographs. It doesn't do that often. I honestly think someone needs to come up with a 'blogging course' for people like me know need bucket-loads of help when it comes to photography/designing layouts/trying to reason with the god-awful Blogger interface. Speaking of which, I'm HOPING on re-doing my whole layout (or paying someone clever to do it for me) in the next few weeks in the hope that it'll inspire me to get put my all back into this blog. I adore blogging, it's given me so many opportunities and I have honestly met some of the nicest people through it - but god it can be exhausting sometimes! 

Anyway, enough of that, here's what I wore a week or so ago. I was going to post this last week, decided it wasn't good enough, gave up and didn't post at all. But I really wanted to blog today so here you go! Simple outfit, I hate crop tops SO much because I never know what to wear with them but I couldn't resist the pattern on this one. Seen as it's not exactly been 30 degree heat around here lately, jeans were a must, as was my trusty snuggly brown cardigan. I'm in love with these floral jeans - I literally own about 2 pairs of jeans that I actually like, and this is one of them! You know how it is, I love me some floral. 

I hope everyone is having a good week! Wednesday tomorrow, it'll soon be the weekend!


  1. such a cute outfit! :) I love your blog its so cute!



  2. I love the trousers!! Very pretty, also love the cardigan!! :)
    If you would like to take a look at my blog I would be happy!



  3. I would be right there with you on the blog course, I am definatly in need to some pro assistance when it comes to things like that!

    You have a lovely blog! :)


  4. such a lovely outfit :) love your top xx

  5. This outfit is gorgeous :) Love your make up too xx

  6. I am in love with your top, the geometric patter looks amazing on! It also goes really well with the jeans.
    As for the blogging course, i would be SO keen for that idea! Even if some one started up a blog with tips and tricks i swear they would have a billion followers in no time at all! This stuff is trickier than it looks!


  7. I know how that feels! I have so many posts to do, but I just don't have enough time! I think I've got the knack of this photography thing but I just need more inspiration/motivation! Glad your back! xx


  8. cute cute cute!

    love the floral and print mix together

    new blogger, and following would love a follow back
    and maybe check out my posting and see what you think

    muchos smiles,
    bb, xoxo


  9. omggg I need those pents !!!!


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