My Sister's Fairytale Wedding

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Okay, so firstly I want to say massive apologies for not keeping up with my 'I will blog more' mantra. I've been so busy (and tired) since having a new job and then it was my sister's wedding... which this post just so happens to be about! I just thought I would share a few of the pictures (mostly taken by me) of it because I love having a nose at posts like this, and I've been desperate to blog but haven't really had time to write up an in depth review on anything so thought a nice little picture post would suffice. Plus, who doesn't love a good wedding, right?!

My sister got married on the 8th June, in a gorgeous castle setting, wearing an absolutely stunning princess dress (of course). It was a really magical day and it was so surreal seeing my sister Lucy 'handed over' to her fiancĂ© Craig (or now her husband, how scary!) I was her maid of honour, which was a tad frightening in itself but I was really proud to support her throughout the day. The day itself was amazing - the reception was decorated immaculately (mostly thanks to my wonderful mum, who did all the flowers and did an absolutely amazing job) with the cutest little horse and carriage favours and lots of vintage-esque rose-filled teacups. There was also a wish tree, which I really regret not getting a picture of, it was so pretty! 

I wore a simple fuchsia dip-hem dress (unfortunately you can't really see it full length in the pictures, sigh) which was actually a bargain from AX Paris. I wore a hairpiece from Accessorize, jewellery from Glitzy Secrets (a really gorgeous jewellery website my sister discovered - her earrings were also from there) and the most amazing shoes (WHY didn't I take a picture of them?!) from Poetic License. My sister's dress was by Opulence and she wore some amazing sparkly Cinderella princess shoes from Red or Dead

Overall it was an amazing day and I was so happy seeing my beautiful sister get married to her soulmate. Awh, don't you just love weddings!?