Friday, 26 October 2012

Christmas Scrapbooking Project #2

If you read my blog at the start of the month you'll know that I'm taking part in a Christmas Scrapbooking Project with Getting Personal, where I'll share with you Christmas gift ideas, recipes, crafts etc. In this post I have a couple of really simple recipes and decoration ideas for you. Enjoy! 

Chocolate Christmas Puddings

First up, a really simple yet delicious recipe for cute Chocolate Christmas Puddings, perfect if you're not a fan of traditional Christmas puds (or you're just a chocoholic, like me!).

You will need...

 ❤ One large pack of rich tea biscuits
 ❤ Two tablespoons sugar 
 ❤ Two dessert spoons drinking chocolate 
 ❤ Two tablespoons milk
 ❤ Four tablespoons juice 
 ❤ 75g margarine 
 ❤ Decorations - white chocolate, writing icing

Once you have everything you need, simply break up the biscuits  (I usually keep them in the packet and bash it with a rolling pin - gets your anger out and is very effective!), and then add the drinking chocolate and sugar. Then melt the margarine in a saucepan and add it to the mixture, adding the rest of the liquids (milk, juice) and stirring them all up to a nice, moist consistency. If the mixture is a bit dry, just add more milk/juice. Then separate the mixture into ball shapes and put them in (festive) cake cases. Then all you need to do is pop them in the fridge to set, and then it's time to decorate! I melted down a big bar of white chocolate (Milkybar - yum!) and then evenly distributed (basically, I 'plopped' it on) it on each cake. Then I put it back in the fridge to set, and once it was ready I used red and green writing icing to draw on the holly. Voila! 

Hanging Decorations

These hanging Christmas decorations will look perfect hung on the christmas tree, or door handles etc., and they're so simple to make. 

You will need...

 ❤ Some festive material 
 ❤ Stuffing
 ❤ Other embellishments to decorate (sequins etc.) 

Simply stencil out your shape twice onto your chosen fabric, cut out and sew them together, leaving a gap for the stuffing. Then fill the shape with stuffing, sew it up and add your embellishments - not forgetting the ribbon to hang it up with! Buttons and sequins look great, or you can get 'Merry Christmas' ribbons and sew them across the front. It's good to just have a play around and see what looks good - and experiment with your shapes! You can make stars, hearts, or even christmas tree shapes. Have fun! 

Look out for my final post of the scrapbooking project next week - I'll hopefully be doing some Christmas present ideas and trying my hand at cardmaking. 


  1. This is a really great idea!! Those chocolate Christmas puddings love so yummy and those hanging decorations are major cute! x

  2. These are all so cute, I love the idea of the little puddings!

    I'm going a little bit Christmas crazy on pinterest at the moment! XO

  3. This is such a cute little idea. I love things like this. I much prefer the build up to xmas and the decorations more than the actual day!

  4. This has made me feel all festive-y! xx

  5. but... Halloween isn't even over yet!! :(

  6. Those cakes look delicious, and your christmas decorations are so cute :)

  7. Love your scrapbook looks cute, and the christmas puddings look yummy!


  8. The cupcakes look awesome, can't wait to try them



  9. I really need to do my third blog about my scrapbook! eek. Being organised is hard sometimes.

    Love those little chocolate puddings. I HATE normal Christmas pudding so these are perfect x

  10. oh my goodness this is such a fab idea, how cute are those lil' puds. Lovely blog sweet :) xx

  11. I love how you are so festive already!!
    I think I'm going to get started on some stocking stuffers :)

    Love your blog! Want to follow eachother?



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