Wednesday, 17 October 2012

MUA Lipboom in O.M.G

MUA Lipboom in O.M.G - £3 via Superdrug
Top Image - Lipstick on its own  Middle image - Lipgloss on its own  Bottom - Both Lipstick and Lipgloss

You know me, I love a cheap lipstick as much as the next bargain hunter. Okay, so buying cheap doesn't exactly have the same sense of satisfaction as treating yourself to an expensive Chanel or YSL lip splurge, but it sure as hell is a lot nicer on your purse! Plus, if you know where to look, there are some amazing (and bargainous) lip products out there. 

Take, for example, MUA. I love MUA. It's a cheap-as-chips cosmetic brand, but the best thing is, it delivers. Instead of fancy packaging and the delightful 'vanilla' lipstick smell, it might be a tad rough around the edges (okay, so MUA's lipsticks smell cheap - they have that signature 'ew cheap lipstick' smell), but at the end of the day, it's the product inside that counts and MUA always have decent products, for really, really good prices. A few weeks ago I noticed the delightful Alexandra Burke's face propped up against the MUA stand in my local Superdrug. Now, I'm not a fan of the girl in all honesty - she's okay, don't get me wrong - but her music and style don't really appeal to me. However, the colour range of her new 'Lipbooms' most certainly did. In particular, 'O.M.G' got my attention (the names are hilarious in themselves, seriously, although there's no denying they scream Alexandra Burke).

The lipbooms are basically a lipstick/lipgloss combo. 'O.M.G' features a gorgeous, peachy pink (almost verging on coral) gloss with gold flecks, whilst its lipstick is a delightful matte, peachy pink. It was the gloss that originally caught my eye - but it's actually the lipstick that I love best. I'm not really a gloss person in all honesty, and like the majority of glosses I own, it doesn't really say much when it's on the lips, although in the tube it looks lovely. The lipSTICK, on the other hand, is truly gorgeous both on and off the lips. It's just a perfect, easy to wear pink that I think would flatter most skintones. I'd been looking for a lipstick like this for ages, and I'm so pleased I found it. I really love this lipstick and for the grand total of £3, you really can't go wrong! 

Have you tried MUA's Lipbooms? What did you think?


  1. I think it looks gorgeous on you!!!

    I also just blogged, if you like to check it out :)


  2. MUA is my fave for such cheap prices! I love this peachy colour on you, so pretty.

    Jessica xo

  3. This is such a lovely colour i might have to go and buy it!
    It looks gorgeous on you!

  4. Amazing colour!
    MUA always shock me with the quality of their products for the price and since this is so pretty I may have to go pick it up!


  5. WOW you are a really grate makeup artist!
    I love this colour, my hair is very similar to yours, I think this lipgloss would fit me too.
    Beautiful but your eyes are the best!


  6. that sooooooo pretty!!!


  7. I've seen them loads of times before but I've never brought one. I love the colour of OMG though!



  8. i was going to try it this week.
    it looks lovely :)

  9. I love that lipstick on you. The colour is so nice. The gloss is pretty too. I've never actually noticed these lipbooms before so I'll have to keep an eye out!



  10. pretty lipstick,
    ur so gorgeous <3


  11. your eyelashes are amazing!!

  12. Seriously I am going to have to try some MUA products, I've heard some really good reviews. I'm not a fan of Alexandra either, it could potentially put me off but for £3...

  13. Such a pretty colour and it really suits you! I'm really impressed!! xxx


  14. you're gorgeous! amazing eyes! :)

  15. you are sososooo pretty! xx


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