Simple Oil Balancing Skincare Review

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Simple Oil Balancing Skincare range - Boots

You all know me - I love me some skincare. I suffer with oily, acne-prone skin, blackheads - the works... so I always look for acne-curing/oil-blasting/blackhead-blitzing products when it comes to skincare. I tend to switch up my skincare routine a LOT - I've gone from using Proactiv, to Dermalogica, to my trusty old favourite Garnier. However, as I wear Estee Lauder Doublewear Max Coverage Foundation (which is very, very heavy!) I was getting a bit sick of using up SO many cotton pads taking it off, and I'm lazy, so I was looking for a quicker option. Plus, my skin wasn't looking its best. Garnier Fresh Cleansing Milk is good - but it never really impresses me. That's when my sister suggested I try Simple's Oil Balancing skincare range. Apparently, I'd told her about how good it is (I've never used it before so haven't a clue where she got this idea from!) and she'd been using it and was really impressed with the results. So, I promptly marched myself to Boots and got 3 products from the range - the moisturiser (£4.27), facial scrub (£3.99) and exfoliating wash (£4.29). 

When I first tried the exfoliating wash I was pretty astounded - I usually HATE using washes to take my makeup off but this had me seriously impressed. It seemed to take my (ridiculously heavy) makeup off with ease, only needing to use it a couple of times to completely rid my skin of foundation. It also didn't affect my eyes at all - I know it's an exfoliating wash so isn't meant for around the eye area but I tend to be a bit haphazard when washing my face and just go for it - no irritation whatsoever. It left my skin clear of makeup (I tried using a cotton pad afterwards and 99% of my makeup had gone - only a tiny bit came up on the pad) and made my skin feel so soft. Very impressed. The facial scrub was the same - it's gentle enough to be used daily and left my skin feeling squeaky clean and gorgeously soft and smooth. I'm also really pleased with the moisturiser - it definitely helps keep oil at bay and leaves my skin feeling really matte; the perfect base for foundation. 

Overall I am so, so happy with this range. After using it for the past few weeks my skin has improved ridiculous amounts - my blackheads are drastically disappearing, my skin feels soft and smooth, and my spots (which are usually a regular feature) have completely gone. I only get the occasional odd blemish, and for a range that is SO cheap (and considering how heavy the make up I wear is!) I really can't fault it. I will most definitely be repurchasing!

Have you tried Simple's Oil Balancing range? It's 3 for 2 at Boots at the minute!