Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Hair Removal Woes

Today I thought I'd take some time to discuss hair removal. It's something I've wanted to talk about on here for absolutely ages but it's not exactly the prettiest of subjects. However, it IS very much a huge part of the beauty world we live in and thus I felt I had to share my hair removal woes with you. 

Hair removal is a massive pain; it's awkward, it takes up too much time, it's expensive, it hurts. I think I have tried every single hair removal product on the go on my quest for silky smooth pins, but I am never satisfied. As summer is just over the horizon, it's got me thinking about what my hair removal regime will be once the summer months arrive. 

Every year, I try a new product in the hope it will finally answer my hair removal prayers. I always used to be an electric shave and go kind of girl, but it was annoying and never left me with the 'silky smooth' feeling I so craved. Then I moved on to razors and shave gel, but my god, talk about upkeep!? I had to shave several times a week if I wanted to keep that really nice, smooth feeling, which couldn't be doing much for my skin - and to be perfectly honest was a complete and utter pain when you just want to jump in the shower quickly. Yes, my legs mightn't look hairy, but I cannot STAND that god-awful prickly feeling - blegh! I tried hair removal creams, but the smell was far from pleasant, and I seemed to always end up burning my skin and ending up with red-raw legs - not exactly the look I was going for! 

Then I thought I would try epilating - it sounded like all my prayers would be answered with this illusive 'epilator' device. I never knew they even existed until a couple of years ago, and my god, I wish I'd never looked into them. Although they sound amazing - they pluck your hair from the root and therefore over time your hair will supposedly stop growing altogether - they are the MOST painful thing I have EVER had to experience. Hair removal hurts, we all know that. But the pain I got whilst epilating?!?!? No. Never again. Plus, although epilating got rid of any unwanted hair, it didn't get rid of that prickly feeling. My legs NEVER felt smooth when I epilated. So. Very. Disappointing. And oh, the pain. 

As a last resort I thought I would give waxing a go. Now, I'd tried wax strips before and was highly unsuccessful (I didn't realise your hair has to be a certain length for the wax to 'grab') so I thought I would look into sugar waxing. It sounded simple enough - you warmed the wax up in the microwave, slapped some on and then used a strip to whip it off. It was not simple. The wax was sticky, got everywhere, and I spent a good ten minutes trying to work out which way I actually had to pull the strip in order to pull the hair out. It was ridiculously messy and I ended up not really removing any hair - it just wouldn't seem to work. 

Now, I am (quite obviously) not an expert when it comes to hair removal, but I really thought there would be a simpler and easier way of getting rid of unwanted hair, that wouldn't require having to shave every other day. So far, I've found, there isn't. I'm yet to try laser hair removal (although this is definitely something I would give a go) and just can't bring myself to go down the 'getting a wax at a salon route' (I just can't stand having to wait for my hair to grow a certain length before waxing - the feeling of hairy legs just grosses me out!). Therefore, I am stuck with my disposal razors and my shave gel. It's not fun, it's time-consuming, I am the biggest klutz ever, and 99.9% of the time I end up slicing my skin when shaving, but it seems to be the only thing (for me) that works.

I would absolutely love to know if anyone has a miracle solution for my hair removal woes, or if there really is nothing better than good, old-fashioned shaving. For now, it seems, I'll have to stick with my trusty disposal razor. Harumpth. 

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  1. It's a shame you didn't get on with epilating! It always hurts me if I leave it a long time but when I get in a routine I find it works really well! <3

  2. Iv had an epilator for a few years but am too afraid to use it ! Everytime i go to use it I change my mind, its just the thought of it and when i look at it when its on it looks like its going to shred my legs :/ Great post x

    Beautiful Dreams

  3. You're amazing for writing about this because hair removal is my worst nightmare. Especially because I have dark hair and they grow back super fast and like yourself I'd tried all the hair removal tricks in town and none seem to work for me. They're either too painful or bore me whilst in the process. I was shaving for about a couple of months but I managed to cut my self every time and the bleeding would never stop *hell* so I finally gave up and stuck to hair removal cream even though it's stupidly boring and has a funky smell to it! x


  4. ive never tried epilators, and honestly never want to! everyone has said they hurt so much and they are not worth it. i just stick to a razor aha xxx

  5. I would love to get laser hair removal however i know my sister got half of both her legs done and apparently the pain is the worst she's ever felt. You're basically putting a laser on each part of your skin and not only that you have to come back for more sessions as there is re-growth in some areas. Essentially you're burning your skin to remove the hair.

    Just wanted to give you a heads up if you were to go down that route as it's definitely a lot more painful than eplilating!

    Tahira x

  6. This is just the post I've been wanting to read, I feel the exact same way as you. Epilating hurts SO much and I always cut myself with razors unintentionally. Definitely in a hair removal rut :( xx

  7. Laser hair removal worked well for me, but I only had 3 sessions and the hair grew back after a month or so. So if you ever did go for it you'd need at least 6 sessions to kill off the hair follicle.

    Laura x

  8. Haha, brilliant post. I feel your pain! Nothing worse than having to shave your legs in a hurry.
    Rose x

  9. literally my life story, hahaha! x

  10. I worry about how thick my hair will get from shaving constantly but I can't bring myself to wax!

  11. awh what I love epilating, been doing it for 3 years. It was sore the first few times though, now I dont realy feel it unless the hair is too long


  12. Never tried epilating and never want to after reading this! Resigned to shaving for the foreseeable future and hopefully something new will be invented before I'm too old to care!

    Lauren x

  13. I had laser hair removal on my underarms, done over six sessions and it still eventually grew back. Everyone is different and will have different reactions to it, it's whether you want to risk the small fortune that it is! I'm back to waxing now and as painful as it is, I'm yet to find a better & long lasting solution :-( xx

  14. i finding it so hard to find a good hair removal, shaving is definately such an upkeep, i hate the prickly feeling too!xx

    vintage teapot//fashion, beauty & life

  15. I completely agree with you here home wax kits and hair removal creams just seem yo be a huge scam! I'd be so terrified of getting my "bits" out for a salon wax too ewie!


  16. Definitely agree with this post! There is one thing left to try...a leg buffer!! I completely forgot they even existed until I read this post, a friend had one years ago and it left her legs pretty smooth and shiny and pain free! Its like sanding your hair haha! Definitely worth a go x x x

  17. I really want to try laser hair removal it sounds amazing!
    I hate shaving so much, i have to do it daily if i want to have silky smooth legs because my hair grows back SO fast, literally if i shave in the morning by the evening my legs are prickly! So annoying! If you find any miracle products on your hunt for smoothness please let me no :) xxx


  18. I'd love to use laser removal for my hairs but it's so expensive! I swear by veet and a razor :) xx

  19. I HATE shaving - it takes too long and doesn't last long enough. I've tried epilating in the past but it was really painful - I think if you stuck with it, it would be less sore and have to do it less frequently but I didn't manage to last that long!

    Alice x | rococ0.blogspot.com

  20. Don't bother with laser hair removal. I had it done on my upper lip and once all your sessions are up after half a year the hair starts growing back at the same speed as it did before.
    It's probably more successful with underarms as the hair is more thick.

  21. Thanks for your beauty support on hair removal.

  22. I know the feeling!! I don't want to get waxed at a salon, because apparently you can't shave for a few weeks beforehand....not something I can handle! So gross.
    I shave as well, it's easiest and least painful. I have found that using a body scrub before I shave really helps, it makes my legs feel a lot smoother. I also changed my razor, from a disposable one to one of the Gilette ones - more expensive, but definitely worth it!! x

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