Hair Removal Woes

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Today I thought I'd take some time to discuss hair removal. It's something I've wanted to talk about on here for absolutely ages but it's not exactly the prettiest of subjects. However, it IS very much a huge part of the beauty world we live in and thus I felt I had to share my hair removal woes with you. 

Hair removal is a massive pain; it's awkward, it takes up too much time, it's expensive, it hurts. I think I have tried every single hair removal product on the go on my quest for silky smooth pins, but I am never satisfied. As summer is just over the horizon, it's got me thinking about what my hair removal regime will be once the summer months arrive. 

Every year, I try a new product in the hope it will finally answer my hair removal prayers. I always used to be an electric shave and go kind of girl, but it was annoying and never left me with the 'silky smooth' feeling I so craved. Then I moved on to razors and shave gel, but my god, talk about upkeep!? I had to shave several times a week if I wanted to keep that really nice, smooth feeling, which couldn't be doing much for my skin - and to be perfectly honest was a complete and utter pain when you just want to jump in the shower quickly. Yes, my legs mightn't look hairy, but I cannot STAND that god-awful prickly feeling - blegh! I tried hair removal creams, but the smell was far from pleasant, and I seemed to always end up burning my skin and ending up with red-raw legs - not exactly the look I was going for! 

Then I thought I would try epilating - it sounded like all my prayers would be answered with this illusive 'epilator' device. I never knew they even existed until a couple of years ago, and my god, I wish I'd never looked into them. Although they sound amazing - they pluck your hair from the root and therefore over time your hair will supposedly stop growing altogether - they are the MOST painful thing I have EVER had to experience. Hair removal hurts, we all know that. But the pain I got whilst epilating?!?!? No. Never again. Plus, although epilating got rid of any unwanted hair, it didn't get rid of that prickly feeling. My legs NEVER felt smooth when I epilated. So. Very. Disappointing. And oh, the pain. 

As a last resort I thought I would give waxing a go. Now, I'd tried wax strips before and was highly unsuccessful (I didn't realise your hair has to be a certain length for the wax to 'grab') so I thought I would look into sugar waxing. It sounded simple enough - you warmed the wax up in the microwave, slapped some on and then used a strip to whip it off. It was not simple. The wax was sticky, got everywhere, and I spent a good ten minutes trying to work out which way I actually had to pull the strip in order to pull the hair out. It was ridiculously messy and I ended up not really removing any hair - it just wouldn't seem to work. 

Now, I am (quite obviously) not an expert when it comes to hair removal, but I really thought there would be a simpler and easier way of getting rid of unwanted hair, that wouldn't require having to shave every other day. So far, I've found, there isn't. I'm yet to try laser hair removal (although this is definitely something I would give a go) and just can't bring myself to go down the 'getting a wax at a salon route' (I just can't stand having to wait for my hair to grow a certain length before waxing - the feeling of hairy legs just grosses me out!). Therefore, I am stuck with my disposal razors and my shave gel. It's not fun, it's time-consuming, I am the biggest klutz ever, and 99.9% of the time I end up slicing my skin when shaving, but it seems to be the only thing (for me) that works.

I would absolutely love to know if anyone has a miracle solution for my hair removal woes, or if there really is nothing better than good, old-fashioned shaving. For now, it seems, I'll have to stick with my trusty disposal razor. Harumpth. 

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