Happy New Year!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year! I can't actually believe 2013 is here. It's crept up so quickly and Christmas seemed to be over in a flash. 2012 was a mixed year for me - there were lots of ups and downs but it was definitely a memorable year that I won't be forgetting any time soon. As much as I love the build-up to New Years Eve, the night always tends to be a bit of a disappointment, so me and my boyfriend stopped in, watching films and eating party food. Perfect night in! It was lovely to have my boy there to kiss at midnight - if you read my post here you'll know that I've had a turbulent time with relationships in the past but I am happier than ever and can't wait to spend the year with my soulmate. I have a feeling it will be the best yet! 

I'm feeling extremely positive about 2013. Although 13 isn't renowned for being the luckiest of numbers, I'm not about to let that stop me from giving this year my all. I tend to have a love/hate relationship with new years resolutions, but this year I have written a list and I fully intend to stick to it. I am the queen of procrastination and I constantly say 'I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do that...' but I never get round to it. This is the year for no excuses - I truly believe that if you really want something, you can get it. I thought I would share my resolutions with you, as I know reading other peoples' gives me inspiration and motivation to stick to my own. 

1 - Blog more often: I was going to put 'Blog every day', which is pretty much my aim, but I know there will be days when I don't get round to doing it, so 'Blog more often' seemed a better title. I say I will blog more every single year - but this year I am really going to give this blog my all. I can kind of see it going in a slightly different direction in the future - think more lifestyle incorporated with fashion and beauty - but we will see what the year will bring. I am hoping to get my own domain name (no more silly .blogspot.co.uk - yay!) and just generally make my blog better and better. 

2 - Save more money: I am terrible when it comes to wasting money. Give me a sale, a special offer, or simply a Primark, and I can happily throw my money at endless things I really don't need. It's got to the point where I seriously NEED to stop - I need to save for the future otherwise I'll be stuck in debt, surrounded by hundreds of items of clothes I will never get round to wearing. I'm going to budget, budget, budget, write down my spending, avoid all sales, and ask myself, 'Do I NEED it?' I'm also banning the majority of clothes websites on my laptop - I am a sucker for online shopping and this really is the only way to curb my spending! 

3 - Get healthy: I am terrible when it comes to healthy eating and exercise. I am the epitome of the word lazy - I will hold my hands up and say that I would much rather spend the day in bed than taking a brisk walk or going to the gym. However, lately I have been spending way too much time being lazy. I have gotten stuck in a rut of sleeping too much, never exercising and eating, well, crap. Chocolate is my vice, and when I'm having a down day it's always what I run to. This has to stop! I need to eat more fruit, exercise more, drink more water and cut down on sugary and fatty foods. Yes, I want to lose weight, but my main aim is to be healthy. I just don't feel like I look like 'me' at the minute - I'd love to be back to my size 10 self again, and I know if I am determined enough, I can make it happen. 

4 - Tan less & wear less makeup: This has been a bit of a big deal for me. I am addicted to fake tan and makeup. I know a lot of us beauty bloggers are - we're BEAUTY bloggers, for God's sake. But lately it's got too much. My skin is terribly dry thanks to tanning far too much, and I've forgotten what my actual skin colour is. I'm not saying I'm going to stop tanning altogether - but I feel like my skin needs a break from it. Also - I am FAR too generous with my foundation. Lately I've been using it as a mask - my skin isn't actually that bad, but I've felt like I've needed to hide under copious amounts of foundation. This is stopping now - I'm rationing my foundation and letting my skin breathe. I use Maximum Coverage foundation so I don't need to use so much. I have to keep telling myself this! 

5 - Take more photographs & start a scrapbook: I have a DSLR, and I know for a fact I don't get enough use out of it. I'm precious with things like cameras; I won't let anyone get their sticky mitts on my baby, and thus it spends a great deal of time in the cupboard. This year, however, I want to take hundreds of pictures. I'm going to try and take my camera everywhere I go, so I can document my adventures. I also want to start a scrapbook of pictures. As nice as it is having them online, I honestly don't think you can beat a good, old-fashioned photograph. 

6 - Keep a diary: I love writing, and I love reading back old diaries years after they've been written. I think it's SO important to keep things written down so you can always look back and remember. I'm terrible at keeping a diary but I am going to try my hardest to stick with it this year. Wish me luck! 

Do you have any New Years Resolutions? Let me know what they are! Happy 2013!