Tuesday, 8 January 2013

MAC Tenderly Warm Crushed Metallics Pigment Set

L-R: Ever Elegant, Darling Coquette, Silk Stocking, Rose Light 

One of my favourite gifts over Christmas has to be this beautiful pigment giftset from MAC. I am a huge fan of MAC's pigments - whenever I am near a counter I just have to have a look at them - I love glitter, and they seriously pack a glittery punch. Unlike the pan eye shadows, pigments are loose and as they're pigments, they're SERIOUSLY pigmented. I have reviewed MAC's Rose pigment before on the blog, if you fancy a peek!

I adore sparkly eye shadow, so of course I was delighted when my sister got me this beautiful 'Tenderly Warm Crushed Metallics' pigment giftset from MAC for Christmas. I hadn't actually looked at the gift range from MAC this year - mainly due to having to cut down on spending - so I actually gasped when I saw how pretty these pigments are. I'm a huge sucker for gold/brown/pink eye shadows, so it definitely seems like this giftset was made for me! 

Although the pigments in the set are a bit messy (as pigments tend to be) they are seriously stunning. I honestly don't think you can go wrong with a MAC pigment - and these babies are no exception. Silk Stocking is my current favourite - it's a beautiful warm gold and looks gorgeous all over the lid. Darling Coquette is an understated pale beige, which is perfect for wearing with a big flick of eyeliner and some bold lips. Rose Light is the lighter version of my Rose pigment in the post I mentioned previously, and is super pretty. I think I might have to experiment with it and the darker Rose in the outer corner. Speaking of which, Ever Elegant looks stunning in the outer corner with both Silk Stocking and Darling Coquette, but I also love how those two look blended with Rose Light, for a more girly look. I am so impressed with this giftset and I love how all of the colours compliment each other perfectly. These beauties are currently my go-to when it comes to eye make up!

Are you a fan of MAC's pigments? Did you get any of MAC's giftsets for Christmas? 


  1. This is such a lovely set, great colours as well. Means you'll get great use from them :) xx


  2. These are seriously stunning! I remember looking at these sets online and really couldn't decide which to get and decided to wait until after Christmas...I somehow have a feeling they're sold out now :(

    Sarah @ sarahlouxo.com xx

  3. Beautiful pigments , love them xx

  4. These shades are beautiful, thegoodowl.blogspot.com xo

  5. These are such lovely pigments! I'm too a sucker for sparkly eyeshadow too :) and these are just gorgeous! I love the colours, i wonder if there is any dupes to these colours as they are just so pretty :)

    the little package they came in too is very cute :)


  6. Gorgeous colours! Think I might treat myself to some of those if there's any left :)


  7. I received the MAC Nicely Nude Lipgloss set, it's gorgeous! Love the pigments you got, such beautiful shades :) x

  8. These look gorgeous! Super shimmery, perfect for summer :)


  9. How lovely! However I stopped buying pigments as I am ridiculously clumsy and have on numerous occasions dropped them haha!

    - Keeley
    Living In Your Imagination

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    You are gorgeous and your article amazing ! I reaaly Love read your post every day !

    I send you a big Kiss From france ! SMouaaaaaaaaaaaaack :-*

    Ms Mraz

  11. I have the blue brown pigment and love it!! this is such a gorgeous set!! I had the divine desire set for Christmas and couldnt help but gasp at the beautiful packaging xx

  12. These are lovely colours, if only I wasn't so slap-dash with pigments, I get so much fall out from them and drop them everywhere!

  13. This is gorgeous, the colours look brilliant



  14. really cute packaging!



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