Valentine's Weekend

Monday, 18 February 2013

Okay, okay - so I know Valentine's day was Thursday, and it's been and gone for pretty much everyone, however being away in London meant I wouldn't see my boyfriend until the weekend, so we decided to save our Valentine's until then. I know Valentine's is basically a big gimmick, but I don't see the harm in spending a day (or two) devoting yourself to your loved-ones. With the busy lives people lead you can forget about what really matters, and I think spending a day remembering why you love each other is really important! Then again, I'm a hopeless romantic, and anything involving hearts, flowers and teddy bears gets my vote! 

As well as going out for an Indian meal (in which I ate half a chilli pepper like the idiot I am and nearly died - okay slight exaggeration, but I do think the screams of;  'WATER! WATER!' could be heard for miles around), and exchanging little pressies (I got some b-e-a-utiful flowers), we also got to spoil ourselves rotten with the treats the lovely people at Gala Bingo sent to celebrate the launch of their Valentine's Hoff game. We were given a gorgeous Lilyflame candle (which just so happens to be my absolute fave, Fairy Dust), Love Heart sweets, Valentine's Day on DVD, a box full of gorgeous bath bombs, chocolate and a fondue kit by GameVillage Bingo; basically all the things you need for a romantic night in. We very much enjoyed eating yummy strawberries and bananas dipped in delicious Belgian chocolate, and watching Valentine's Day (although my boyfriend wasn't too keen on the idea). I have to say, I had the best Valentine's weekend ever. 

How was everyone else's Valentine's? I hope this post wasn't too soppy and loved-up for you!