I love Lashes of London

Sunday, 3 March 2013


Been meaning to post this outfit for ages - I wore this absolute beaut of a dress for my Valentine's weekend meal out a few weeks ago with my boyfriend. It is quite possibly the most beautiful dress I've ever owned, and I somehow feel like I don't quite do it justice - it's SO stunning. The colouring of it is beautiful, it's covered in sequins and I really love the style of it, although it's pretty short! I can see me getting SO much wear out of this for nights out over the summer. I think it would look even more amazing with a bit of a tan and some hair extensions to really Barbie things up a bit. Completely head over heels for this dress! Also have my eye on this absolutely gorgeous lilac skirt from Lashes - reminds me of sweet wrappers - so cute! 

I'm back home at the minute and SO happy to be. Interning was amazing and it's made me even more eager to put my all into blogging - I really appreciate every opportunity this blog has given me and I want to strive to make it better and better for you guys. I have ideas for loads of blog posts, as well as YouTube videos (I have a channel, don't you know!?) and I'm going to aim to post as often as possible from now on. I have a few exciting things happening in the next few weeks so watch this space! 

I am SO glad the weather has finally decided to turn a little more spring-like. As much as I love winter fashion, I am a complete pastel and dolly-mixture hues kind of girl - I love my pinks, lilacs and florals when it comes to Spring/Summer and I'm so excited to dig them out of my wardrobe. I also bought an AMAZING top the other day which would be perfect for the upcoming season - will definitely do an outfit post on it soon! 

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!