Urban Decay Eyeshadows & Build Your Own Palette

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

L-R: Faint, Sidecar and Heartless Eyeshadows - £14.00 each
Close-ups of Moonflower and Sidecar (my favourites)
Me wearing Moonflower all over the lid, with Sidecar blended towards the outer-corner, and Faint on my brows

If I'm honest, I'm surprised that in my three years of blogging, I haven't actually done an in-depth review on an Urban Decay eyeshadow - and Urban Decay just so happens to be my favourite eyeshadow brand. Okay, so of course I joined the 'Naked' palette brigade and just had to review Urban Decay's beautiful neutral offering, but the truth is, I've always loved Urban Decay for its superb quality shadows. 

I've been a fan of Urban Decay for quite a while - their sleek and sexy, effortlessly cool and unique take on things is what originally drew me to the brand, as well as their gorgeous limited edition palettes (I'm still heartbroken I never got my hands on the Alice in Wonderland palette, sob), and when I started sampling their shadows I never looked back. There is something a little extraordinary about Urban Decay's eyeshadows; they are beautifully, buttery soft and blend like an absolute dream. Their shimmering shadows are my absolute favourites; so finely milled and gorgeously silky, these shadows truly shine. I've only recently opened myself to the world of matte eyeshadows, and have to say, I'm just as impressed. At the moment I'm using the shadow 'Faint' to fill in my brows, and it's doing the job brilliantly. It definitely makes a good substitution for my HD Brow kit, which is nearing the end of its life (again, sob). 

As I'm head over heels with Urban Decay eyeshadows, I thought it was about time I got myself a palette to put them all in. Afterall, Urban Decay are definitely the best when it comes to palettes, and their new little 'Build Your Own' palettes are perfect if you prefer using a palette as opposed to carrying around the single shadows. I noticed Urban Decay repackaged their eyeshadows a while back, and now I see why. Each shadow can be popped straight out of its original case and into the palette (no faffing around 'depotting' - I'm looking at you, MAC), and if you change your mind it just as easily pops back into its case. I think this is a fab idea and it excites me that I can chop and change which shadows I want in the palette, which is the ideal size for travelling, is a gorgeous purple design and comes with a super handy mirror. The best thing about the Build Your Own palette is you get one eyeshadow included to start you off, so technically your paying the price of a normal eyeshadow, but getting the palette thrown in - fab! 

My palette came with the shade 'Moonflower' - a typically me shade; it's a light, shimmery bronze. It's a gorgeous shade if you're a fan of neutrals; I'm pretty sure it would suit anyone, although I can't wait to wear it in the summer with a golden tan. The pale pink shade in my palette is called 'Heartless', an unusual shade for me, but I just couldn't resist the dusty pink. It's matte and I think it would look great with a flick of black eyeliner. 'Faint' is also matte and perfect for the brows, although it looks fab on the lids too. 'Sidecar' is seriously gorgeous; a deep golden bronze, which is stunning and shimmery and everything I look for in a shadow. I would have loved to have included my all-time favourite eyeshadow 'Halfbaked', but my love affair with it means that, alas, I have run out... again.

I cannot recommend Urban Decay eyeshadows enough. Do you have any shadows by Urban Decay? What do you think to them? I'm currently lusting after the Limited Edition Theodora and Glinda Build Your Own palettes - NEED!