Avenue 32: Fairytale Fashion Wishlist

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Avenue 32
1.Wunderkind Multi Floral Cotton Dress, £750/2.Zara Simon Gold London Ring, £1430/3. Husam el Odeh Frozen Rose Pendant, £230/4.Lena Erziak Clear Lucite Adam Apple Bag, £425/5. Frends Gold Taylor Headphones, £170/6. Temperley London Powder Blue Francine Tattoo Dress, £2500

Now, I'm not usually one to be perusing designer websites, but it is rather nice to have a little look every now and again, and start making a little wishlist, for when I inevitably win the lottery/write a best-seller/discover a money tree and can obviously afford to buy everything. Anyway, I digress. Avenue 32 is a website I recently discovered that sells a wealth of beautiful designer clothing. After having a little browse on there, I put together this little wishlist, which I feel has a distinct fairytale theme to it. 

First up, I cannot gush enough over this abso-bloody-lutely stunning dress from Wunderkind. Embellished with gold flower detailing, it screams ethereal fairytale princess and is completely breathtaking to behold. I'm actually becoming a little bit obsessed with it and considering saving up the £750 smackaroons it costs to buy. Which, actually, I don't think is that bad, for such a beaut of a dress. It is most definitely a midsummer nights dream dress. Next up, I spied this quirky ring and knew it had to go on my list. A must for London lovers, it recreates some of the infamous sights (London Bridge, The Eye and the like) in a simple-yet-stunning ring. As it's made to order, it'll set you back a rather steep £1420. Still, it's a pretty unique piece of jewellery, and I completely love it. 

Continuing with the fairytale theme, I couldn't resist putting this delicate frozen rose pendant by Husam el Odeh on my list. As soon as I saw it, I had visions of the withering rose from Beauty and the Beast, and adding the fact it is rose gold and would go perfectly with the Wunderkind dress into the equation, it just had to make the list. It is so beautiful and at £230, not that pricey either. J'adore. Again, in keeping with the ethereal, wondrous and magical, I stumbled across this amazing clear apple bag, with gold leaf detail. It just screams Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and the fact it's clear (almost like glass) had me reminiscing over my dissertation and a piece I wrote about in it called 'Snow Glass Apples' (which is really good if you fancy looking it up!) It's such a simple piece yet definitely gives an impact. Totally love it. 

I'm a bit obsessed with headphones at the minute, so when I spied this super-sleek selection of fashionable headphones by Frends I fell in love. I'm completely lusting after the rose gold pair - need! Then, finally, I just had to finish with this absolute dream of a dress, the Francine Tattoo Dress by Temperley London. It is the epitome of enchanted, ethereal, dazzling and dreamy, in a gorgeous powder blue, with romantic ruffles. At £2500 it is the most expensive item on my list, but it's most definitely one of the prettiest. I can totally picture someone like Millie Mac from MIC wearing this and looking a million dollars. So gorgeous.

Overall I've fallen head over heels in love with these pieces from Avenue 32 and I can definitely see me popping on there more and more to spy their beautiful designer pieces. Have you looked on Avenue 32 before? What do you think to my wishlist?

*This is a sponsored post*