Motel Rocks Nineties Press Event

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Motel Rocks AW13 Press Day

Yesterday I hot-footed it down to London for a few events, included the Motel Rocks AW13 Press Day. I always love Motel's events; they showcase the clothes brilliantly and always involve a big element of fun. This one in particular was a really enjoyable event; it was a total nineties throwback, inspired by the nineties revival trend that has recently emerged. Lots of their new collections are very nineties inspired, therefore they went all out and decked the Motel showroom out in full-on nineties flavour. There were slushies, poptarts, retro sweets, Friends on the TV, and a typical nineties girl's bedroom on show, complete with lava lamp, Spice Girls posters and even Polly Pockets! It was so awesome to go back to my favourite decade and get taken away in all the nostalgia of it all. 

As well as all the nineties fun that was going on, including henna tattoos, fabulous coloured hair styles (pink bunches, anyone?) and retro sweetie eating, it was also a fab opportunity to take a peek at Motel's upcoming collections. There were lots of their new releases for Summer, including swimwear, as well as a look at their A/W collection, which was a mix of all-out glitzy glamour, paisley prints and of course, Motel's signature rose-print. I was completely in awe of the stunning evening wear they have coming up for A/W, they were seriously sparkly and definitely upping the ante in the glam stakes! As for their new range for summer, I seriously want everything. I'm in love with their Cosmic Boogie Print items, am completely loving the tie-dye, and I don't think my life will be complete until I have that Pegasus dress and the Donald Duck tee! 

Overall I had a fabulous time and I now have a huuuuge wishlist of things I want from Motel. Are you a fan of Motel Rocks? What do you think to their new collections?