My New HG Concealer - Benefit Fake Up

Friday, 5 April 2013

I've always suffered with under-eye bags. Let's face it, I think the majority of us have. It's such a pain having puffiness and dark circles to contend with. I have tried countless concealers to cover them up - high-end and drugstore, as well as do-it-yourself methods such as cucumber and tapping under your eyes to get rid of puffiness (really doesn't work). I've never really found a concealer that I'm completely in love with; a little while ago I decided the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer was my favourite - however it still wasn't perfect. As it was so creamy it tended to crease and smudge my mascara - not a good look.

So, when I heard about the newest release from Benefit, their Fake Up Hydrating Concealer, I knew I had to give it a go. Benefit always delivers when it comes to concealers - I've tried Boi-ing, Erase Paste, and Lemonaid, and I love them all. So I was pretty excited to try Fake Up - I loved the concept behind it and the fact it aims to hydrate your under-eye area as well as concealing any darkness and puffiness. The skin under your eye is a much more delicate area than the rest of your face, and if it isn't hydrated enough, can lead to wrinkles in later life - not good! I'm really lazy when it comes to using eye creams, but I feel better knowing I'm using this as it is infused with vitamin E and apple seed extract, making it ultra hydrating and nourishing. 

The hydrating element of the product is in the outer circle, whilst the concealer is set in the middle, making this a pretty unique concealer (I've never seen one like this before anyway!) It's a basic pan-stick type affair, and comes in three shades; Light, Medium and Dark. I always go for Medium in Benefit concealers and found this shade perfect for me. So, what do I think to it? Well, I'm in love. I'm completely head-over-heels for this concealer, so much so that it has secured its place as my Holy Grail concealer product. It definitely keeps the skin under my eyes hydrated, but also is so creamy and thick that it covers my eye bags so, so well. I've tried it against all of my other concealers and it wins, hands down. Although it's really creamy, it surprisingly doesn't crease or smudge my eye makeup, which is a big deal for me. I'm so happy with this product and I will definitely be repurchasing when it runs out. 

Have you tried Benefit's Fake Up Concealer? What did you think?