Nails Inc. Concrete Effect Polish in Monument

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Nails Inc. Concrete Effect Polish in Monument* - £12.00

You might remember a little while back I posted about the Nails Inc. event, which showcased all of their new releases and upcoming collections. I was lucky enough to get to choose some polishes to take home and try after the event, and one that particularly caught my eye was the Concrete Effect Polish in Monument. 

Although I wasn't too sure at first as the colour was so bright (bear in mind this event was in the depths of winter, with cranberry nails aplenty) but I soon visualised how amazing it would look during the summer months with a tan, and I just had to have it. The concrete polishes are unique because they create this really awesome well, concrete-y effect, giving them a kind of matte/crinkly finish. I love it with the lime colour, it's seriously bright and the finish itself kind of reminds me of the texture of fruit (like a prickly pear or something? Maybe?) and does look, as predicted, amazing with a tan. 

I definitely think if you like getting whacky and creative with your nails, then this is the perfect polish for you. I love that there are more and more nail effects polishes being released, it makes nail art for lazy girls a doddle! This polish is available in other colours, but I can't get enough of the Monument shade. It's seriously bright, making it a total stand-out shade. I love it! 

Have you tried any of Nails Inc.'s Concrete Effect polishes? What did you think?