Pamper your Pooch with John Paul Pet

Monday, 20 May 2013

As much as I love pampering myself, there is nothing I like more than pampering my gorgeous dog Rory. Okay - so he doesn't really approve of it. Rory absolutely despises baths, detests being sprayed with anything and likes very much smelling like the scruffy little pup that he is. However, as he likes to spend a great deal of time snuggling up on my bed, I like to keep him squeaky clean. Also, I like to think that although me and my pup are notorious for looking a bit on the scruffy side (especially where hair is concerned) we actually scrub up quite well. 

I am a massive fan of Paul Mitchell haircare, and I recently discovered one of the co-founders actually has their own pet haircare line, John Paul Pet. So, when me and Rory were given the chance to review John Paul Pet's Grooming Kit we both (well, okay, me) jumped at the chance.

As Rory hates baths so much, I felt like these products would be the perfect alternative for him. Although he hates pampering of any kind, his main gripe is with water, so the fact water isn't involved in using any of the products in the Grooming Pack gets his thumbs up (if dogs had thumbs... I digress). In the Grooming Pack (which is for both dogs and cats by the way - we all know moggies aren't a fan of the wet stuff) you get a bottle of Waterless Foaming Shampoo, a bottle of Oatmeal Conditioning Spray and a Custom Grooming Brush - everything you need to get your furry friend looking (and feeling) a million dollars. 

A key thing for me when it comes to doggy grooming products is smell. Let's face it, even if your pet might be looking fantastic, if they're on the pongy side, it's never very nice. So, what do I make to the smell of these products? In a word; delicious. Honestly, if they sold a perfume that smelt like this, I would buy it. To be honest, once I smelt these products I debated using them myself, they smell so damn good. They smell amazingly like almonds and marzipan and all those gorgeously sickly sweet things, most of which make up my favourite scents. As soon as I started using the products on Rory I fell in love with their smell and was immediately sold. If you're looking some products to get your pooch smelling nice, get these. You will NOT regret it. 

As well as smelling totally and utterly gorgeous, the products in the Grooming Pack definitely work wonders. The Waterless Foam Shampoo gently cleanses without being harsh, whilst the Oatmeal Conditioning Spray made Rory's hair so soft, smooth and fluffy, giving it a fab conditioning treatment. The Custom Grooming Brush could be mistaken for a normal hair brush, yet it does a brilliant job of detangling hair as well as helping to work the products into the skin. 

Overall I am ecstatic with the results the John Paul Pet Grooming Kit achieved, and I will most definitely continue to use these products on Rory. I think he is very thankful for the reduction in baths using these waterless products has incurred, so everyone's happy! The best thing is? John Paul Pets products, like Paul Mitchell, aren't tested on animals. Happy paws all round! 

What grooming products do you use on your pets? Do you like treating them to posh pampering products?